Cooperative preschool is a vibrant community for families. We often say it is preschool for your child,  parent community for you.

We have classes  for children from birth through age 5 (infants through Pre-K), with locations in 5 neighborhoods: Admiral, Alki, Lincoln Park, White Center, and South Seattle College. The hours and day vary per school and the number of classes per week depends on your child’s age.

Our specialty is helping children learn the joy of discovery through play and guided learning interactions where they: build social skills, develop empathy, practice self control, learn problem solving

Our preschool teachers provide a rich environment full of learning activities that are just right for the developmental stage of the children:

  • Creative arts, pretend play
  • Sensory, science exploration
  • Reading preparation
  • Math manipulatives
  • Table games,  blocks
  • Snack, music, stories
  • Small and large group interaction

Because parents get to assist in the classroom one day each week and the adult-child ratio is so high, the choice of learning centers to explore is wide and opportunities for critical thinking  and social problem-solving are great.

The SSC Co-op Preschool curriculum is aligned with WaKIDS Washington State Kindergarten Entrance Guidelines.

Our program supports the following WaKIDS components: Family connection, whole child assessment for individualized learning, supporting smooth transition into Kindergarten

Want to be actively involved in your child’s early education?  Meet other parents? Get the latest in child development and guidance information?  Then the SSC Cooperative Preschool Program is for you! 

“Parenting is easier and more fun because of my involvement in Co-op Preschool!”
- Parent at Alki Location