Building Sibling Relationships

Family life is challenging during ordinary times. As the Covid-19 pandemic persists, it's not surprising that many homes with siblings continue to feel a bit like a pressure cooker. While sibling relationships can cause a great deal of family stress, they

Can Co-op Preschool Prepare My Child For Kindergarten?

Are you having doubts that Co-op kids learn academic content when it looks like they are just playing and having fun?  Have you heard that Kindergarten is the new First Grade? Thinking about if your child will be ready for

Recognizing, Interrupting and Resolving Microaggressions

We are delighted to welcome back Families of Color Seattle to present this workshop in which we will take a deep dive into microaggressions.   Workshop goals include: learning what makes up a microaggression, understanding context for and impact of microaggressions

Parenting in the Age of Anxiety

Do you have an anxious child?  Do you trend anxious yourself?  Our hurry up world with its 24/7 news cycle and oceans of information is certainly no help and it can be difficult to know how to successfully offer comfort and

What’s the Big Secret?

When and how do you talk to your children about sexuality?  Where do you start?  How do you answer questions in a developmentally appropriate way?  Children are learning about sexuality from the moment they are born and you are your

Co-op Butterfly Families (Ongoing Virtual Discussion Group)

Co-op’s monthly discussion group for families with children with higher needs/sensitivities. The purpose of the group is to learn from one another, offering support, experiences, and resources, as well as building community and connection.  Wherever you are on your journey, ranging from a

For Tired Parents

A child's sleep problems can undermine the most confident of parents, and make the sweetest child grumpy!  We will discuss different types of problems such as bedtime procrastinating, nap strikes, middle-of-the-night waking, visiting the parents' bed, etc., and options for

Watch Party: How Children Learn About Race

Join us to watch this Embrace Race webinar featuring the research from Professors Margaret Hagerman and Erin Winkler; it takes a close look at the childhood landscape of racial learning. Beyond what we say to them explicitly, what other factors shape what