The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Equity Committee has created a Diverse Book List, geared toward consistently representing all students in an equitable and inclusive way.  The book list is extensive and broken down into curriculum units that are often seen in the Co-op classrooms. From Dinosaurs to Friendship, Outer Space to Families, you are sure to find some excellent ideas for reading aloud with your children.

The list has over 550 books and counting! So the best way to find what you’re looking for is by using the search bar on the right above the table. It allows you to search in all of the columns. Clicking on the column title also allows you to sort by that column. To help you narrow your search, here are the options for Areas of Diversity and Subject Areas used in the list:

Areas of Diversity: Race, Ability, Neurodiversity, LGBTQIA+, Religion, Culture, Socioeconomic, Body Type, Family Make-up, Nationality, Language, Age, Refugees, Gender Roles, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression

Subject Areas: Emotions, Friendship, Family, New Baby, Neighborhood/Community, Home, Travel, Food, Bodies, Colors, Shapes, Counting, Alphabet, Opposites, Marine Life, Insects, Land Animals, Birds, Pets, Dinosaurs, Geology, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Seasons, Celebrations, Music, Dance, Visual Art, Outer Space, Sports, Transportation, Construction, Firefighters, Plants/Gardening, Textiles/Clothing, School, Bullying, Books/Library, Writing/Poetry, Self Pride, Babies, World, Communication, and History

TitleAuthorIllustratorSubject AreasAgeBook_DescriptionAreas of Diversity# of PagesLanguageSeattle Public Library Link
You Were the FirstPatricia MacLachlanStephanie GraeginNew Baby2+A loving ode to every child’s firsts shown by a biracial family.Race, Family Make-up40English
Welcome, Baby! Keeping You SafeSusan Kathleen HartungSusan Kathleen HartungBabiesAllSweet words about playing with baby also give tips for safe sleep. Board book only.Race 18Englishnone
A Kiss Means I Love YouKathryn Madeline AllenEric FutranEmotionsAllPhotos show the many ways kids communicate with facial expressions.Race16English
Peekaboo MorningRachel IsadoraRachel IsadoraBabiesAllA very simple book about a boy playing peekaboo with everyone around him.Race24English
I Am a BabyKathryn Madeline AllenRevecca GizickiBabiesAllPhotos of happy babies and words that encourage.Race22English
The Magical SnowflakeBernette FordErin K. RobinsonWinter3+A magical snowflake welcomes winter by leading a group of kids on an adventure through town.Race32English
Gathering the SunAlma Flor AdaSimon SilvaAlphabet, Plants/Gardening4+Beautiful illustrations of farming life accompany this Spanish alphabet with a poem for each letter. English translation included.Race, Nationality, Culture, Language, Socioeconomic40Spanish, English
My NameSupriya KelkarSandhya PrabhatSchool, Self Pride3+When an Indian American boy starts at a new school, the kids mispronounce his name. His parents show him to be proud of where his name and he comes from.Race, Nationality, Culture, Language40English
Niko Draws a FeelingBob RaczkaSimone ShinEmotions, Visual Art4+Most people don't understand Niko's drawings of the feelings he gets from the world, but he finds a friend who does.Race, Neurodivergence32English
Littles and How they GrowKelly DiPucchioAG FordBabiesAllAn adorable love song to babies and how quickly they grow up.Race, Family Make-up26English
Please, Baby, PleaseSpike Lee and Tonya Lewis LeeKadir NelsonBabiesAllA girl gets into mischief throughout the day.Race32English
Show Me HappyKathryn Madeline AllenEric FutranEmotions, CommunicationAllIn lively photos, real kids show simple actions and concepts that all children learn as they start to socialize and communicate.Race16Englishnone
I Like MyselfKaren BeaumontDavid CatrowSelf PrideAllThis girl knows how to celebrate what makes her great.Race32English
Whose Toes Are Those?Jabari AsimLeUyen PhamBodiesAllA fun rhyming board book about toes.Race20Englishnone
Up! How Families Around the World Carry Their Little OnesSusan HughesAshley BarronBabies, FamilyAllThis great read-aloud celebrates how babies are carried around the world.Race, Nationality, Culture, Family Make-Up24English
All the WorldLiz Garton ScanlonMarla FrazeeWorld, Neighborhood/CommunityAllAll the world is all of us, showing people help each other in their community.Race, Family Make-Up44English
Little You (Kîya-k'apisîsisîyân)Richard Van CampJulie FlettBabiesAllA sweet rhyme about babies with beautiful illustrations. Board book only.Race, Language, Culture24Cree, English
What a Wonderful WorldBob Thiele and George David WeissTim HopgoodWorld AllThe song by Louis Armstrong with cute illustrations.Race28English
Say Hello!Linda DavickEvery kid says, “I love being me” as they display their fresh hairstyle, from fab fro to lovely locs.Communication, CommunityAllIllustrations and rhyming text reveal that "hello" can be said many ways, from a handshake to a dance of happiness.Race40Englishnone
Little Bitty FriendsElizabeth McPikePatrice BartonLand AnimalsAllYoung children form special bonds with nature. The illustrations and rhymes are adorable. Great read-aloud.Race28English
I Can Do It TooKaren BaickerKen Wilson-MaxSelf PrideAllA girl shows all the things she can do that her older family members can do.Race18English
More, More, More Said the BabyVera B WilliamsVera B WilliamsBabiesAllA classic tribute to babies and the adults who love them.Race34English
It’s Okay to Be DifferentTodd ParrTodd ParrSelf PrideAllA reassuring book about being who you are.Ability, Family Make-Up32English
I Am EnoughGrace ByersKeturah A. BoboSelf Pride2+An inspiring lyrical ode to loving who you are, respecting others, and being kind to one another.Race, Body Type32English
Every Little ThingCedella Marley and Bob MarleyVanessa Brantley-NewtonEmotions2+The story of a boy who won’t let anything get him down, especially with the help and encouragement from his family, friends, and three little birds.Race24English
Little HumansBrandon StantonBrandon StantonNeighborhood/Community2+The author of the Humans of New York blog combines his favorite children’s photos with a heartwarming ode to little humans everywhere.Race, Ability, Socioeconomic, Culture40English
Lullaby (For a Black Mother)Langston HughesSean QuallsBabies, Family, Poetry2+Sean Qualls adds gorgeous illustrations to this classic poem about a mother’s love for her baby.Race32English
Julian is a MermaidJessica LoveJessica LoveCommunity, Self Pride2+Julian wants to be a mermaid, but what will his abuela think? Gorgeous illustrations show Julian’s imagination and celebrate his individuality.Race, Culture, Gender Expression, LGBTQIA+, Family Make-Up, Language40English
Hello! Good-bye!AlikiAlikiCommunication, Community2+Aliki shows that these simple words are full of possibilities.Race32Englishnone
I am BrownAshok BankerSandhya PrabhatSelf Pride3+A joyful celebration of kids with brown skin and all their diversity.Race40English
What’s the Difference? Being Different is AmazingDoyin RichardsDoyin RichardsFriendship4+The topics of diversity and acceptance within friendship are distilled for young readers.Race, Culture, Ability32English
Who Am I? I Am Me!Jayneen SandersDiane EwenSelf Pride4+Frankie talks about all the things they love to do and there are no boundaries or gendered rolls to limit what Frankie does.Gender Expression, Gender Identity, Gender Roles42English
Outside, InsideLeUyen PhamLeUyen PhamCommunity 4+A heartfelt book about the early days of the worldwide Covid-19 lockdown, this book makes the story accessible and engaging for young kids, celebrating resilience, community, and the ways people supported each other.Race, Culture, Socioeconomic48English
My Heart Fills With HappinessMonique Gray SmithJulie FlettEmotionsAllBoard book showing a present day Indigenous family talking about the things that make them happy.Race, Culture, Language24Cree, English
The Rabbit ListenedCori DoerrfeldCori DoerrfeldEmotions2+When Taylor’s amazing tower is knocked over, no one seems to know how to help him through his feelings until the rabbit just sits with him and listens.Race40English
Susan LaughsJeanne WillisTony RossEmotions2+Susan, who uses a wheelchair, does many things and feels many emotions.Ability 32English
Big FeelingsAlexandra PenfoldSuzanne KaufmanEmotions, Friendship3+We may feel mad, frustrated, or overwhelmed when things don’t go according to plan, but this book gives great ideas for working through it with friends.Race, Ability, Religion42English
The Amazing ErikMike HuberJoseph CowmanEmotions, Friendship3+Erik feels sad when his sleeves get wet at the water table. A friend helps him feel happy again.Neurodiversity, Race32Englishnone
Yesterday I Had the BluesJeron Ashford FrameR. Gregory ChristieEmotions, Family3+This family feels a whole rainbow of colors from the “wish it was tomorrow blues” to the “glitter on her cheeks pinks.”Race, Culture32English
There Might Be LobstersCarolyn CrimiLaurel MolkEmotions3+Eleanor’s dog, Sukie, is scared of many things on the beach, but when her toy monkey is in danger, she becomes “braver than the bravest dog.”Race32English
Love Matt de la PeñaLoren LongEmotions, Family, Community3+From the author of Last Stop on Market Street comes a beautiful description of how love shows up in children’s lives.Race, Culture40English
Off & AwayCale AtkinsonCale AtkinsonEmotions3+Jo faces her fears in order to do her dad’s deliveries when he’s sick. A wondrous land of sea creatures awaits her.Race, Family Make-Up48English
Why is Jane so Mad?Jeffrey Cheetham IIEbony GlennEmotions, Friendship3+Chad tries to cheer up his friend Jane, but Jane is not interested until someone else comes along.Race30English
Ruby Finds a WorryTom PercivalTom PercivalEmotions, Friendship3+The worry that starts following Ruby around keeps getting bigger and bigger, until she discovers a boy with his own worry and they talk about it.Race32English
Ravi’s RoarTom PercivalTom PercivalEmotions3+Ravi turns into a tiger when he’s having a really bad day. It’s great at first, but not everyone loves it.Race32English
CalvinJR and Vanessa FordKayla HarrenEmotions, School4+Calvin bravely faces scary things like telling his parents that he’s a boy and starting the school year with his new name and pronouns by breathing and counting down from 5. He’s surprised by how supportive everyone is with his transition.Race, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA+32English
Happy Right NowJulie BerryHolly HatamEmotions4+It’s easy to want to wait until things are exactly perfect to be happy, but this girl shows how to be happy in the moment and embrace things as they are.Race32English
Anh’s AngerGail SilverChristianne KromerEmotions4+Anh models how to sit with his anger at his grandfather. He finds that when he takes care of it, it goes away.Race, Culture, Family Make-Up40English
Steps and Stones: An Anh's Anger StoryGail SilverChristianne KromerEmotions4+In this sequel to Anh’s Anger, his anger is back on the playground and he walks with it.Race, Culture40English
Proud (Dealing with Feeling...)Isabel ThomasClare ElsomEmotions4+Happy, Angry, Sad, Worried, Proud, Jealous, Caring, and Shy all show healthy ways of understanding and managing emotions, as modeled by diverse children.Race24English
Worried (Dealing with Feeling...)Isabel ThomasClare ElsomEmotions4+Happy, Angry, Sad, Worried, Proud, Jealous, Caring, and Shy all show healthy ways of understanding and managing emotions, as modeled by diverse children.Race24English
Jealous (Dealing with Feeling...)Isabel ThomasClare ElsomEmotions4+Happy, Angry, Sad, Worried, Proud, Jealous, Caring, and Shy all show healthy ways of understanding and managing emotions, as modeled by diverse children.Race24English
Angry (Dealing with Feeling...)Isabel ThomasClare ElsomEmotions4+Happy, Angry, Sad, Worried, Proud, Jealous, Caring, and Shy all show healthy ways of understanding and managing emotions, as modeled by diverse children.Race24English
Shy (Dealing with Feeling...)Isabel ThomasClare ElsomEmotions4+Happy, Angry, Sad, Worried, Proud, Jealous, Caring, and Shy all show healthy ways of understanding and managing emotions, as modeled by diverse children.Race24English
Happy (Dealing with Feeling...)Isabel ThomasClare ElsomEmotions4+Happy, Angry, Sad, Worried, Proud, Jealous, Caring, and Shy all show healthy ways of understanding and managing emotions, as modeled by diverse children.Race24Englishnone
Sad (Dealing with Feeling...)Isabel ThomasClare ElsomEmotions4+Happy, Angry, Sad, Worried, Proud, Jealous, Caring, and Shy all show healthy ways of understanding and managing emotions, as modeled by diverse children.Race24Englishnone
Caring (Dealing with Feeling...)Isabel ThomasClare ElsomEmotions4+Happy, Angry, Sad, Worried, Proud, Jealous, Caring, and Shy all show healthy ways of understanding and managing emotions, as modeled by diverse children.Race24Englishnone
Not ‘Til Tomorrow, PhoebeJulie ZwillichDenise HolmesEmotions4+Phoebe is very frustrated that people keep telling her to wait until tomorrow. Her grandmother gives her a new perspective that helps her feel better.Race32English
All Kinds of FriendsSheila KellyShelley RotnerFriendship2+Photos of friends and the things they like to do together.Race, Ability32English
Bree Finds a FriendMike HuberJoseph CowmanFriendship2+Bree digs alone in the school yard when she finds a worm and a new friend joins her.Race32English
Yo! Yes?Chris RaschkaChris RaschkaFriendship2+Simple words and illustrations introduce how to make a friend.Race, Culture32English
You Hold Me UpMonique Gray SmithDanielle DanielFriendship2+Encourages children to show each other love and support. Features present day Indigenous people. Available in Ojibwa or Cree with English edition.Race, Culture, Language32Cree, Ojibwa, English
My Friend IsabelleEliza WolosonBryan GoughFriendship2+Charlie describes playing with his friend Isabelle, who has Down syndrome.Ability28English
What Riley WoreElana K. ArnoldLinda DavickFriendship, Clothing2+Riley wears everything from ball gowns to police officer jackets to bunny costumes. When a kid asks Riley whether they are a boy or a girl, Riley’s non-specific answer doesn’t affect their budding friendship.Gender Expression, LGBTQIA+40English
Benny Doesn’t Like to Be HuggedZetta ElliottPurple WongFriendship2+A girl uses rhyming verse to describe the unique traits of her autistic friend, Benny.Ability, Neurodiversity42English
Jenny Mei Is SadTracy SubisakTracy SubisakFriendship, Emotions3+A girl models how to be a good friend to someone who is struggling by being there for her through everything.Race40English
A Friend for HenryJenn BaileyMika SongFriendship3+A heartfelt story from the perspective of an autistic boy celebrates the everyday magic of finding a first friend.Neurodiversity, Race36English
A Hat for Mrs. GoldmanMichelle EdwardsG. Brian KarasFriendship, Clothing3+Mrs. Goldman knits hats for everyone else, so when Sophia notices that Mrs. Goldman’s head is cold, she decides to make her first hat.Race, Religion, Age40English
Introducing TeddyJessica WaltonDougal MacPhersonFriendship3+This gentle story about gender and friendship is a sweet, accessible book to help the youngest readers understand gender identity and being an accepting friend.Gender Identity, LGBTQIA+32English
Yaffa and Fatima; Shalom, SalaamFawzia Gilani-WilliamsChiara FedeleFriendship3+Two friends, one Jewish and one Muslim fall on hard times. Can they find a way to help each other?Religion, Culture24English
Sign Up Here: A story about friendshipKathryn ColeQin LengFriendship, Bullying, School4+Dee-Dee is frustrated when all of her friends exclude her from their clubs, so she comes up with her own club that shows what friendship really is.Race, Ability, Religion24English
My Two BlanketsIrena KobaldFreya BlackwoodFriendship, Textiles4+A girl from Sudan struggles with loneliness in her new home as a refugee until she makes a friend at the park.Race, Nationality, Culture32English
My Three Best Friends and Me, ZulayCari BestVanessa Brantley-NewtonFriendship, School4+Zulay is a blind first grader who helps her friends at school and runs a race on field day.Ability, Race40English
Mrs. Katz and TushPatricia PolaccoPatricia PolaccoFriendship, Pets4+Larnel makes friends with his neighbor, Mrs. Katz, and brings her a kitten. They bond over finding Tush when she’s lost and over Passover dinner.Religion, Culture, Race, Age32English
Maddi’s FridgeLois BrandtVin VogelFriendship, Food4+When Sofia discovers that Maddi’s family doesn’t have money to buy healthy food, she struggles with how best to help her friend.Socioeconomic32English
Four Feet, Two SandalsKaren Lynn Williams & Khadra MohammedDoug ChaykaFriendship4+Two girls at a refugee camp in Pakistan become friends while sharing one pair of sandals between them.Socioeconomic, Culture, Nationality, Religion, Refugees32English
Someone NewAnne Sibley O’BrienAnne Sibley O'BrienFriendship, School4+Even though the new kids seem so different, Jesse, Jason, and Emma find ways to be their friends.Race, Religion, Culture, Nationality32English
The GirlsLauren AceJenny Løvlie Friendship4+These four best friends navigate challenges and fun times together as they grow up along with their favorite apple tree.Race32English
When Charley Met EmmaAmy WebbMerrilee LiddiardFriendship4+When Charley goes to the playground and sees Emma, a girl with limb differences who uses a wheelchair, he doesn’t know how to react. But after they start talking, they quickly become friends.Ability32English
It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender IdentityTheresa ThornNoah GrigniFriendship, Self Pride4+This sweet, straightforward exploration of gender identity in a group of friends will give children a fuller understanding of themselves and others.Gender Expression, Gender Identity, Ability, Race, LGBTQIA+40English
FamiliesShelley RotnerSheila M. KellyFamily2+Through photos and brief prose, the author shows the diversity of families.Race, Family Make-Up, Culture32English
The Family BookTodd ParrTodd ParrFamily2+Celebrate the many different types of families with this simple book.Family Make-Up32English
Mama ZoomsJane Cowen-FletcherJane Cowen-FletcherFamily2+A boy's wonderful mama takes him zooming everywhere with her, because her wheelchair is a zooming machine.Ability32English
A Family is a Family is a FamilySara O’LearyQin LengFamily2+A foster child doesn’t want to talk about her family at school because she worries it’s too different. Once she hears about how different everyone’s family is, she opens up.Race, Family Make-Up, LGBTQIA+32English
Henry Wants More!Linda AshmanBrooke Boynton HughesFamily2+Henry exhausts his multiracial family as he wants to do everything more and again.Race, Family Make-Up32English
My New Mom and MeRenata GalindoRenata GalindoFamily2+A sweet story about a cat mom and a dog child who are learning how to be a family.Family Make-Up32English
All Families Are SpecialNorma SimonTeresa FlavinFamily, School2+A class talks about how each of their families is different.Race, Family Make-Up32Englishnone
I Wonder: Celebrating Daddies Doin’ WorkDoyin RichardsDoyin RichardsFamily3+Fun photos show diverse fathers taking care of their kids.Race, Family Make-Up32English
We Are FamilyPatricia HegartyRyan WheatcroftFamily3+This book celebrates the diversity of family through shared experiences.Race, Family Make-Up, Ability, Culture, LGBTQIA+32English
Heather Has Two MommiesLeslea NewmanLaura CornellFamily3+Heather starts preschool and wonders if anyone else has a family like hers.Family Make-Up, LGBTQIA+32English
Stella Brings the FamilyMiriam B. SchifferHolly Clifton-BrownFamily, School3+Stella doesn’t know what to do about her school’s Mother’s Day celebration because she has two dads, but her friends help her find a solution.Family Make-Up, LGBTQIA+36English
Thunder Boy Jr.Sherman AlexieYuyi MoralesFamily3+A boy who is named after his father wants a name that’s all his own, so he tries to come up with his own, then his father solves everything.Race, Family Make-Up, Culture40English
Max and the Tag-Along MoonFloyd CooperFloyd CooperFamily, Outer Space3+The moon follows Max on his trip home, so it always reminds him of his grandfather, who told him it would always shine for him.Race, Age32English
Me and My Family TreeMe and My Family TreeEmma TrithartFamily3+An ungendered kid explores the people who make up their multiracial family and how they all fit on their family tree.Race, Family Make-Up, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA+32English
My AbuelitaTony JohnstonYuyi MoralesFamily3+Eye popping illustrations show a boy helping his grandmother get ready for work. What could Abuelita’s job be?Race, Culture, Age, Language32English
The Ring BearerFloyd CooperFloyd CooperFamily3+Jackson’s mama is getting married, but he’s worried about being ring bearer and having a new dad and sister.Race, Family Make-Up32English
Real Sisters PretendMegan Dowd LambertNicole TadgellFamily3+As they play, Mia and Tayja confirm that there’s one thing they don’t have to pretend: they are real sisters even though they don’t look alike and are adopted.Race, Family Make-Up32English
Alma and How She Got Her NameJuana Martinez-NealJuana Martinez-NealFamily3+Daddy tells Alma the story of how she got her many names from different members of the family.Race, Culture32English
My Mommy MedicineEdwidge DanticatShannon WrightFamily3+A girl describes everything her mother does with her when she’s sick.Race32English
A Gift from AbuelaCecilia RuizCecilia RuizFamily3+A Mexican girl loves spending time with her grandmother, but when a gift idea doesn’t work, they discover the best gift is simply time together.Race, Age, Culture, Language38English
Mommy SayangRosana SullivanRosana SullivanFamily3+Aleeya wants to always be by her mother’s side in their Malaysian village, but when Mommy sayang becomes ill, Aleeya needs to think of a new way to do things.Race, Culture, Religion, Nationality, Language48English
Under My HijabHena KhanAaliya JaleelFamily, Clothing3+As a young girl observes the women in her life and how each covers her hair a different way, she dreams of how she might express her personality through her hijab.Race, Culture, Religion32English
AbueloArthur DorrosRaúl ColónFamily4+After moving to the city, a boy remembers the wonderful times he had with his grandfather in the country. Some spanish words.Race, Culture, Language32Spanish, English
Just Like a MamaAlice Faye DuncanCharnelle Pinkney BarlowFamily4+Carol’s parents live far away and she wishes they were together, but for now she lives with Mama Rose, who is just like a mama to her.Race, Family Make-Up40English
Pitching in for EubieJerdine NolanE B LewisFamily4+Lily tries to find a way to make money to help her sister pay for college.Race, Socioeconomic32English
Mama and MeRudy GutierrezRudy GutierrezFamily4+For a bilingual girl and her mama, a loving bond is about being together and being independent as they get ready for a Mother’s Day surprise. Some Spanish.Race, Culture, Language32Spanish, English
Red Kite, Blue KiteGreg RuthGreg RuthFamily4+Tai Shan loves to fly kites with his father, but when his father has to leave for a labor camp they find a way to communicate even though they don’t get to see each other.Race, Culture, Nationality, Socioeconomic, Family Make-Up32English
Felicia’s Favorite StoryLeslea NewmanAdriana RomoFamily4+Felicia loves to hear the story of how her two moms adopted her from Guatemala.Race, Family Make-Up, LGBTQIA+24English
In My Family/En Mi FamiliaCarmen Lomas GarzaCarmen Lomas GarzaFamily, World4+Paintings show the artist’s life growing up in Mexico. Text in English and Spanish.Race, Nationality, Culture, Language32Spanish, English
These HandsMargaret H. MasonFloyd CooperFamiy, History4+Joseph’s grandpa could do almost anything with his hands, but there used to be things they weren’t allowed to do because of racial discrimination. Joseph learns how his grandfather stood up so that Joseph’s hands would be allowed to do anything.Race, Age32English
Still a FamilyBrenda Reeves SturgisJo-Shin LeeFamily, Community4+How do you have family time when you’re homeless? A young girl and her parents take time to play, walk, and eat together, even though her father has to sleep in a separate shelter.Socioeconomic32English
Leila in SaffronRukhsanna GuidrozDinara MirtalipovaFamily4+At a family dinner at her grandmother’s house, Leila looks for parts of herself that she likes while her family helps her see them.Race, Culture, Nationality, Age32English
My Grandma and MeMina JavaherbinLindsey YankeyFamily, World4+The author describes her childhood in Iran with her beloved grandmother and the fun things they did together.Race, Culture, Nationality, Age32English
Lola Reads to LeoAnna McQuinnRosalind BeardshawNew Baby2+When Lola learns that her mother is having a baby, she helps prepare and learns how to help her parents after he is born.Race28English
15 Things NOT to Do with a BabyMargaret McAllisterHolly SterlingNew Baby2+This funny book gives kids rules for taking care of a new baby in the house.Race32English
The New Small PersonLauren ChildLauren ChildNew Baby3+Elmore Green isn’t happy about the new baby getting the attention he usually gets, but he realizes there are good things about having a little brother too.Race32English
What’s In There? All About Before You Were BornRobie H. HarrisNadine Bernard WestcottNew Baby4+Gus and Nellie learn about the stages of development as their new sibling grows inside their mother and is born. Multiracial family.Race, Family Make-Up40English
Just Right Family: An Adoption StorySilvia LopezZiyue ChenNew Baby4+Meili loves the story of her parents adopting her, but she’s not happy about her parents adopting another baby. She thinks her family is just right as it is.Race, Family Make-Up32English
Pecan Pie BabyJacqueline WoodsonSophie BlackallNew Baby4+Gia isn’t happy about her mother having a baby, but Mama soothes her worries.Race32English
A Most Unusual DaySydra MalleryE. B. GoodaleNew Baby4+Everything seems to be different today for Caroline, but the biggest difference is her new baby sister who greets her after school. Multiracial family.Race, Family Make-Up40English
When Aidan Became a BrotherKyle LukoffKaylani JuanitaNew Baby4+As a transgender boy, Aidan feels extra pressure to get everything right about becoming a big brother. He learns that love is the most important thing of all.Race, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA+32English
Counting on CommunityInnosanto NagaraInnosanto NagaraNeighborhood/CommunityAllCount the ways that people help each other in a community in this board book.Race24Englishnone
One LoveCedella Marley and Bob MarleyVanessa Brantley-NewtonNeighborhood/CommunityAllA group of neighbors works together to beautify a local park, with poetry based on the Bob Marley song.Race24English
I See and SeeTed LewinTed LewinSenses, Neighborhood/CommunityAllA boy names things that he sees in his neighborhood. Beautiful illustrations. Beginning Reader.Race32English
Whose Hands Are These?: A Community Helper Guessing BookMiranda PaulLuciana Navarro PowellNeighborhood/Community2+Illustrations of diverse hands show helpful work done by adults in our community.Race32English
A Sock is a Pocket for Your ToesElizabeth Garton ScanlonRobin Preiss GlasserWorld, Clothing2+Follow four families through a busy day exploring the surprising ins and outs of the world’s pockets.Race, Nationality, Culture32Englishnone
Say Hello!Rachel IsadoraRachel IsadoraNeighborhood/Community2+Carmelita walks with her mother and greets everyone in her neighborhood in their own language.Race32English
This is My EyeNeela VaswaniNeela VaswaniNeighborhood/Community2+See what a girl sees in her NYC neighborhood through photographs and simple prose.Race, Socioeconomic56English
Chik Chak ShabbatMara RockliffKyrsten BrookerFood, Neighborhood/Community3+Neighbors help a sick neighbor with Shabbat dinner, bringing food from their diverse cultures.Race, Culture, Nationality, Religion32English
Last Stop on Market StreetMatt de la PeñaChristian RobinsonNeighborhood/Community3+CJ and his mother take the bus to volunteer at a soup kitchen, soaking in their city neighborhood.Race, Socioeconomic32English
All Are WelcomeAlexandra PenfoldSuzanne KaufmanSchool, Neighborhood/Community3+Follow a group of children through a day in their school and their neighborhood, where everyone is welcomed with open arms no matter their race, religion, or background.Race, Ability, Religion44English
Marvelous CorneliusPhil BildnerJohn ParraHistory, Neighborhood/Community3+Cornelius, a beloved garbage collector, and the community come together to clean the streets of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.Race, Socioeconomic, Culture44English
A Bike Like Sergio’sMaribeth BoeltsNoah Z. JonesNeighborhood/Community4+Ruben wants a bike like his friend, but his family can’t afford it. So when he finds money that’s dropped out of a neighbor’s purse, he is torn about what to do with it.Race, Socioeconomic40English
Tar BeachFaith RinggoldFaith RinggoldHistory, Neighborhood/Community4+In this dream adventure, eight-year-old Cassie flies above her apartment-building rooftop, the 'tar beach' of the title, looking down on 1939 Harlem.Race, Socioeconomic, Culture32English
Something BeautifulSharon Dennis WyethChris K. SoentpietNeighborhood/Community4+A girl looks around her neighborhood for beauty and realizes she can create it herself.Race, Socioeconomic32English
AbuelaArthur DorrosElisa KlevenNeighborhood/Community4+Rosalba and her abuela fly over Manhattan to take in the sights of their neighborhood. Some Spanish.Race, Culture, Language40Spanish, English
The Night Is YoursAbdul-Razak ZachariahKeturah A. BoboNeighborhood/Community4+Amani plays a summer evening game of hide-and-seek with friends outside their apartment building. The moon’s glow helps her find her friends.Race, Culture32English
What is a Refugee?Elise GravelElise GravelNeighborhood/Community4+This simple, bold picture book teaches why a refugee is just like you and me.Race, Religion, Refugees32English
Just Ask!: Be Different, Be Brave, Be YouSonia SotomayorRafael LópezNeighborhood/Community4+Using her own experience as a child with diabetes, Justice Sotomayor writes about children with all sorts of challenges. As the kids work together to build a community garden, asking questions of each other along the way, this book encourages readers to do the same.Race, Ability, Neurodiversity32English
Cook It! A Cocinar!Georgie BirkettGeorgie BirkettFood, Home2+A girl and her dad make dinner for the family. Bilingual English and Spanish.Race, Language24Spanish, English
Quiet! Kate AlizadehKate AlizadehHome2+A toddler enjoys the sounds they hear in their house as their day comes to an end.Race32English
This is Our HouseHyewon YumHyewon YumFamily, Home3+A girl shares the history of her home from her grandparents arriving from a place far away long ago to her multigenerational multiracial family currently living there.Race, Family Make-Up, Age, Nationality40English
This is Our HouseMichael RosenBob GrahamFriendship, Emotions3+George won't let any of the other children into his cardboard box house, but when the tables are turned, he finds out how it feels to be excluded.Race32English
Love and the Rocking ChairLeo Dillon and Diane DillonLeo Dillon and Diane DillonFamily, Home3+Follow this family through the generations while following the chair that represents their love.Race, Age40English
Home at LastVera B. WilliamsChris RaschkaFamily, Home4+Lester finds a loving home with Daddy Rich and Daddy Albert and their big, fluffy dog.Family Make-Up, LGBTQIA+40English
A Chair for My MotherVera B. WilliamsVera B. WilliamsFamily, Home4+Rosa, her mother, and grandmother save coins in order to buy a comfortable chair for the family.Race, Socioeconomic, Age32English
Sunday ShoppingSally DerbyShadra StricklandFamily, Home4+Evie lives with her Grandma because her mother is in the military. They take their weekly shopping trip from home with their imaginations and the newspaper.Race, Socioeconomic, Family Make-Up, Age32English
The Hello Goodbye WindowNorton JesterChris RaschkaFamily, Home4+The kitchen window at Poppy and Nanna’s house is a magic gateway for a little girl when she visits them. The rest of their house is also full of fun.Race, Age32English
Around the World in a BathtubWade BradfordMicha ArcherWorld, Travel2+Look at how families bath all over the globe, in the U.S., Japan, Turkey, India and more.Race, Nationality, Culture, Socioeconomic32English
Over the OceanOver the OceanOver the OceanTravel2+A girl wonders what lies over the ocean and her imagination takes off.Race, Nationality, Culture36English
In the CanyonLiz Garton ScanlonAshley WolffTravel2+A girl hikes through the Grand Canyon, soaking in the sights so that she can remember them when she’s back home in the city. Rhyme and beautiful illustrations.Race, Culture40English
Everywhere, WonderMatthew SwansonRobbi BehrWorld, Travel3+A boy discovers the wonders all around the world and right in front of him.Race48English
Boundless GraceCaroline BinchCaroline BinchWorld, Travel4+In this sequel to Amazing Grace, she visits her father in Africa.Race, Nationality, Culture32English
Memories of KoreaSeong Min YooSeong Min YooWorld, Travel4+A girl visits her mother’s home country of Korea, meets her cousin for the first time and enjoys time with her grandmother.Race, Nationality, Culture24English
Two White RabbitsJairo BuitragoRafael YocktengWorld, Travel4+A girl travels with her father from Mexico to the US border, picking up two rabbits along the way.Race, Nationality, Culture, Refugees56English
Marwan’s JourneyPatricia de AriasLaura BorràsWorld, Travel4+Marwan tells the story of his journey as a refugee leaving his war-torn home, looking forward to a new beginning.Race, Nationality, Culture, Refugees36English
Feast for TenCathryn FalwellCathryn FalwellCounting, FoodAllAn African-American family prepares a feast, counting along the way.Race28English
Bee Bim Bop!Linda Sue ParkHo Baek LeeFood2+A celebration of cooking together featuring a Korean family.Race, Culture32English
Let’s Eat! A Comer!Pat MoraMaribel SuarezFood2+A close-knit family prepares and eats a meal together. Bilingual English and Spanish.Race, Culture, Language24Spanish, English
Fry Bread: A Native American Family StoryKevin Noble MaillardJuana Martinez-NealFamily, Food3+A diverse depiction of a modern Native American family, this book celebrates the history and importance of fry bread in Indigenous culture.Race, Culture, Family Make-Up48English
Baby Goes to MarketAtinukeAngela BrooksbankCounting, Food3+When baby and Mama go to the market in Nigeria, count the gifts of food that people give them.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
Yummy! Good Food Makes Me StrongShelley Rotner and Sheila KellyShelley RotnerFood3+Photos of kids eating healthy food.Race32English
What Can You Do with a Paleta?Carmen TafollaMagaly MoralesFood3+A girl explores the many things she can do with this traditional Mexican popsicle treat. Also available in Spanish and English version.Race, Nationality, Culture32English
Peeny Butter FudgeToni Morrison and Slade MorrisonJoe CepedaFood3+A sweet story of what really goes on when Nana is left in charge, including the making of an old family recipe.Race, Age32English
Amy Wu and the Perfect BaoKat ZhangCharlene ChuaFood3+Amy loves to make bao with her family, but is frustrated that hers don’t turn out as beautifully as those of the adults. But she perseveres and gets creative.Race, Culture40English
What’s So Yummy? All About Eating Well and Feeling GoodRobie H. HarrisNadine Bernard WestcottFood, Bodies4+A multiracial family gets ready for a picnic in the park and talks about healthy food and activities.Race, Family Make-Up40English
The Water PrincessSusan VerdePeter H. ReynoldsFood, World4+Imagine your life without running water. Follow a girl in Burkina Faso who spends the day collecting water from a faraway well.Race, Nationality, Culture, Socioeconomic40English
Shopping with DadMatt HarveyMiriam LatimerFamily, Food4+A girl and her dad go grocery shopping and learn that accidents can happen and they can also be put right.Race32Englishnone
Rice from Heaven: The Secret Mission to Feed North KoreansTina ChoKeum Jin SongFood, World, History4+In a secret mission to feed hungry children, Yoori, her father, and a group from church send rice by balloon from South Korea to North Korea.Race, Nationality40English
Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-jiFarhana ZiaKen MinFood4+Aneel makes roti for his grandfather to give him power when he visits from India.Race, Nationality, Culture, Age32English
Shades of PeopleShelley Rotner and Sheila KellyShelley RotnerBodies2+The author notices the different shades of skin in these photos of children.Race32English
My Five SensesAlikiAlikiBodies2+A boy talks about how he uses his senses.Race32English
Calling Dr. ZazaCalling Dr. ZazaCalling Dr. ZazaBodies2+Zaza’s animal friends aren’t feeling well today, so she checks their body parts to find out what is wrong.Race24English
Healthy KidsMaya Ajmera, Victoria Dunning, and Cynthia PonBodies2+Look at what keeps kids healthy all over the world with beautiful photos.Race, Nationality32English
We Move TogetherKelly Fritsch, Anne McGuireEduardo TrejosCommunity, Bodies2+A joyful exploration of disability community and culture - and all the different ways we move together - told in simple words and fun illustrations.Ability, Neurodiversity, Race, Body Type44English
Bodies are CoolTyler FederTyler FederBodies2+This energetic read-aloud, with bright friendly scenes to pore over, is an inclusive and joyful body-positivity anthem.Ability, Body Type, Gender Expression, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA+, Religion, Race32English
I Love You, Nose! I Love You, Toes!Linda DavickLinda DavickBodies3+A fun rhyme celebrates body parts on diverse kids. Good read aloud.Race32Englishnone
All of Me! A Book of ThanksMolly BangMolly BangBodies3+From toes to elbows, colorful collages capture the curiosity and sense of wonder felt by young children as they discover themselves and the world around them.Race40Englishnone
I Love My Hair!Natasha Anastasia TarpleyE. B. LewisBodies, Self Pride3+Keyana and her mother recount the many ways that her hair is special and beautiful even though it hurts when her mother combs it every night.Race, Culture32English
Happy in Our SkinFran ManushkinLauren TobiaBodies, Neighborhood3+This celebration of being who you are follows a family around their neighborhood as they talk about the differences and similarities of everyone’s skin.Race, Religion, Ability, Family Make-up, Body Type32English
Hair LoveMatthew A. CherryVashti HarrisonBodies, Family3+Zuri and her father work hard to find the perfect hairstyle in order to showcase her kinky, curly hair for a special day.Race, Culture32English
We All MoveRebecca RissmanRebecca RissmanBodies3+Photos show the different ways people of different physical abilities move.Ability, Race24Englishnone
Cool CutsMechal Renee RoeMechal Renee RoeBodies3+Every kid says, “I am born to be awesome” as they display their fresh haircut and style, from cornrows to fresh ‘fros.Race, Culture28English
Happy HairMechal Renee RoeMechal Renee RoeBodies3+Every kid says, “I am born to be awesome” as they display their fresh haircut and style, from cornrows to fresh ‘fros.Race, Culture28English
Senses in My World: HearingMartha E.H. RustadBodies3+Photos of diverse kids show how our senses work.Race24English
Senses in My World: SmellingMartha E.H. RustadBodies3+Photos of diverse kids show how our senses work.Race24English
Senses in My World: SeeingMartha E.H. RustadBodies3+Photos of diverse kids show how our senses work.Race24English
Senses in My World: TastingMartha E.H. RustadBodies3+Photos of diverse kids show how our senses work.Race24English
Senses in My World: TouchingMartha E.H. RustadBodies3+Photos of diverse kids show how our senses work.Race24English
Who We Are!: All About Being the Same and Being DifferentRobie H. HarrisNadine Bernard WestcottBodies4+A book all about being the same and being different, from our bodies on the outside to our feelings on the inside.Race40English
My Big Fantastic FamilyAdam Guillain and Charlotte Guillain Ali PyeFamily4+Funny and heartfelt, this picture book follows Lily-May as she learns to embrace the positive aspects of her blended family after her parents get divorced, discovering just how many people love her!Race, Family Make-Up32English
Hooray for She, He, Ze, and They!Lindz AmerKip AlizadehSelf Pride4+In this joyous picture book exploration of gender euphoria, celebrated Queer Kid Stuff host Lindz Amer teaches kids about all the ways pronouns can be joyful, defining, and empowering.Race, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA+32English
Challah Day!Charlotte OffsayJason KirschnerFood3+Baked with love! A family mixes, kneads, braids, and bakes bread for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa in this joyful, rhyming story.Religion, Culture40English
Still This Love Goes onBuffy Sainte-MarieJulie FlettSeasons3+From Cree-Métis artist Julie Flett and Cree singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie comes a celebration of Indigenous community, and the enduring love we hold for the people and places we are far away from.Culture, Language, Race40English
Mommy's New FriendShelley TougasSara PalaciosFamily4+A heartfelt, lyrical story about accepting a new family member as a child of divorce, even if it’s not easy at first.Family Make-Up, Race40English
In the Woods: An Adventure for Your SensesMariona Tolosa SisteréMariona Tolosa SisteréSummer, Bodies4+A family adventure in the local woods teaches readers how to plan ahead and use their senses to respectfully uncover natural wonders.Race, Family Make-Up48English
A Gift for Nai NaiKim-Hoa UngKim-Hoa UngTextiles3+Struggling to crochet a lucky hat for her beloved Nai Nai's birthday, Lyn Lyn learns that the best gift of all comes from within.Race, Culture, Nationality, Age, Language32English
Dancing the TiniklingBobbie PeytonDiobelle CernaDance4+Jojo's grandmother Lola invites him to join her in the rhythmic tinikling dance, and though he initially stumbles, Jojo finds his footing and joyfully embraces his American and Filipino heritages.Race, Culture, Nationality, Age, Language32English
One Sweet SongJyoti Rajan GopalSonia SanchezMusic, Neighborhood, Counting3+With a countdown from one to ten and back woven in, this celebration of music and community brings to life a shared moment in a diverse neighborhood where everyone comes together to make one sweet song.Race, Culture40English
What's New Daniel?Micha ArcherMicha ArcherSpring3+On a trip to the park with his grandfather, Daniel talks to the animals about what is new in their world and his.Race, Age32English
Holi ColorsRina SinghRina SinghColors, CelebrationsAllExperience the holiday of Holi with every color of the rainbow and photos of kids celebrating it in this board book.Race, Culture, Nationality24Englishnone
Holi Colors!Deven JatkarDeven JatkarColors, Celebrations4+Maya is looking forward to splashing and spraying colors with her friends and family on Holi. She falls on her head and wakes up in a black and white world with a chaos of colors.Race, Culture, Nationality40English
Every ColorErin Eitter KonoErin Eitter KonoWorld, Travel, Colors2+A polar bear who longs for color goes on a sailing journey around the world with a helpful guide.Race32English
Pink Is for BoysRobb PearlmanEda KabanColors 2+A celebration of the colors of the rainbow and how they are all for every kid.Race, Gender Expression, Gender Roles24English
Red is a Dragon: A Book of ColorsRoseanne ThongGrace LinColors 2+A girl enjoys the rainbow of colors in her Chinese culture.Race, Culture, Nationality40English
What Color Is My Hijab?Hudda IbrahimMeenal PatelColors 2+A children's 'learn your colors' book where a Muslim girl chooses what color hijab she'll wear today.Race, Culture, Religion32English
The Many Colors of Harpreet SinghSupriya KelkarAlea MarleyFriendship, Colors3+Harpreet expresses his emotions through the colors of his patkas. But when his family moves across the country he only wants to wear white. Making a friend changes everything.Race, Culture, Religion32English
Honeysmoke: A Story of Finding Your ColorMonique FieldsYesenia MoisesFamily, Colors3+Simone looks around her world to find her place in it and looks for a word to describe her skin color in relation to her multiracial family.Race, Family Make-Up32English
Red: A Crayon's StoryMichael HallMichael HallColors 3+A blue crayon with a red label struggles until a friend appreciates him for who he is. A metaphor for gender identity.Gender Identity 40English
Sky ColorPeter H. ReynoldsPeter H. ReynoldsVisual Art, Colors3+Marisol wonders how she will paint the sky with no blue paint.Race32English
The Colors of UsKaren KatzKaren KatzBodies, Visual Art, Colors3+A girl looks at the skin colors of her friends and neighbors in order to paint them.Race32English
Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of ColorsMehrdokht AminiMehrdokht AminiColors 3+A girl shows the reader the practices of her Muslim family through colors and beautiful illustrations.Race, Culture, Religion32English
Black All Around!Patricia HubbellDon TateColors 3+A girl names things in the world that are black.Race32English
NapiAntonio RamirezDomiColors, World4+Napi likes to dream about the colors of the world around her in Oaxaca, Mexico.Race, Nationality, Language32English
Rainbow BoyTaylor RouanzionStacey ChomiakColors, Clothing4+A boy is having trouble answering which color he likes best. From his yellow baby doll, to his pink tutu and his orange basketball, every color is his favorite!Gender Expression32English
Round is a Mooncake: A Book of ShapesRoseanne ThongGrace LinShapes2+A Chinese American girl notices the shapes in her home and neighborhood.Race, Culture, Nationality40English
Shape SpaceCathryn FalwellCathryn FalwellShapes2+A young gymnast dances her way among rectangles, triangles, circles, and squares for a lesson in geometry and just plain fun.Race32Englishnone
Sometimes I CryJess TownesDaniel MiyaresEmotions4+A boy shows the many emotions he feels that lead him (and even his grandfather) to cry.Gender Expression, Age40English
Next DoorDeborah KerbelIsaac LiangCommunity, Friendship3+In this wordless picture book, a Deaf boy and his mother enjoy a walk through their community and he makes a friend. Includes some ASL.Ability, Race, Religion, Language32ASL, English
TodayGabi SnyderStephanie GraeginSummer, Emotions3+This book teaches mindfulness through a child who anticipates a long-awaited day with cousins and grandparents. The child discovers every day is filled with surprises and joy, which can easily be lost if one is not present. Race, Ability, Age40English
Round is a Tortilla: A Book of ShapesRoseanne Greenfield ThongJohn ParraShapes3+A girl discovers the world of shapes around her in Mexico. Some Spanish.Race, Culture, Language40Spanish, English
City ShapesDiana MurrayBryan CollierNeighborhood, Shapes3+A young girl looks around the city to find shapes in her neighborhood.Race40English
All Around UsXelena GonzalezAdriana M. GarciaShapes4+Finding circles everywhere, a grandfather and his granddaughter meditate on the cycles of life and nature. Gorgeous illustrations.Race, Culture, Age32English
Where Wonder GrowsXelena GonzalezAdriana M. GarciaGeology4+Grandmother brings her girls to a special garden full of rocks, crystals, shells, and meteorites to see what marvels they have to show.Race, Culture, Age40English
Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets: A Muslim Book of ShapesHena KhanMehrdokht AminiShapes3+From a square garden to an octagonal fountain, this book celebrates the shapes and traditions of the Muslim world.Race, Culture, Religion36English
One FamilyGeorge ShannonBlanca GomezCounting AllA counting book that shows families of many sizes, configurations, and hues.Race, Family Make-Up, LGBTQIA+32English
Ten Tiny BabiesKaren KatzKaren KatzCountingAllCount the babies as they get ready for bed.Race32Englishnone
Ten, Nine, EightMolly BangMolly BangCountingAllCount down to bedtime with a girl and her father. Also available in Spanish.Race24English
Counting on CommunityInnosanto NagaraInnosanto NagaraCountingAllCount the fun ways we can live in community in this board book.Race24Englishnone
One Is a DrummerGrace LinGrace LinCountingAllA Chinese American girl counts items in her world.Race, Culture, Nationality30English
How to TwoDavid SomanDavid SomanCounting2+Make new friends on the playground from one to ten and back again.Race40English
Counting OvejasSarah WeeksDavid DiazCounting2+Count sheep in English and Spanish with a girl who’s trying to go to sleep.Race, Language40Englishnone
Grandma’s Tiny House: A Counting StoryJaNay Brown-WoodPriscilla BurrisCounting2+Count the festive foods, family, and friends at Grandma’s feast, but will they fit in the tiny house?Race, Age32English
Twenty YawnsJane SmileyLauren CastilloCounting2+From the fun of the beach to the quiet of night at home, join Lucy and count the yawns in her evening.Race32English
Zero Is the Leaves on the TreeBetsy FrancoBetsy FrancoCounting, Seasons3+How do you count zero? Find out how by following some kids through the seasons.Race25Englishnone
I Know Numbers!Taro GomiTaro GomiCounting3+Discover the many ways that numbers help us in our lives.Race40English
The Runaway TortillaEric KimmelErik BrooksCounting4+A long retelling of the gingerbread man starring a tortilla in Texas. Count the creatures chasing him.Race, Culture32English
The Same but Different TooKarl NewsonKate HindleyOpposites2+These children and animals are all very different to each other. But one thing's certain: they all love a good bedtime story!Race32English
Up Up Up DownKimberly GeeKimberly GeeOppositesAllIllustrations and easy-to-read text follow a baby and father through a day filled with ups and downs, ons and offs, and plenty of fun.Race26English
Big and Little: A Book of OppositesCarolina BuzioCarolina BuzioOppositesAllLearn all about opposites in a book that's indestructible.Race12Englishnone
Mine Mine Mine Yours!Kimberly GeeKimberly GeeOppositesAllThree toddlers have a day of adventures full of opposites.Race32English
LovelyJess HongJess HongOpposites2+Celebrate differences and how they make us all lovely.Gender Expression, Gender Identity, Race, Ability, Body Type, Age32English
Marta! Big & SmallJen ArenaAngela DominguezOpposites2+As Marta explores the jungle, she compares herself to the animals using Spanish adjectives.Race, Language20Spanish, English
Goodbye, Friend! Hello, Friend!Cori DoerrfeldCori DoerrfeldOpposites, Friendship3+Two friends navigate transitions and change, looking at the opposites in each situation, and learning how to deal with moving apart.Race40English
ABC for You and MeMargaret GirnisShirley Leamon GreenAlphabetAllPhotographs show children with Down syndrome in activities with objects corresponding to the letters of the alphabet.Ability, Race32Englishnone
Sleepy ABCMargaret Wise BrownKaren KatzAlphabetAllKaren Katz illustrates this simple book about going to bed.Race40English
B Is for BabyAtinukeAngela BrooksbankAlphabetAllBaby sneaks a ride on her brother’s bicycle to visit their grandfather and learns lots of “B” words along the way.Race, Nationality, Culture28English
D Is for Dress-Up: The ABC’s of What We WearMaria CarluccioMaria CarluccioAlphabet2+This playful fashion alphabet shares the fun of getting dressed up and simply getting dressed.Race36English
Owls See Clearly at Night: A Michif AlphabetJulie FlettJulie FlettAlphabet2+An introduction to the Michif language of the Metis people from Canada with beautiful illustrations of nature.Race, Language, Culture56Michif, English
M is for MohawkDr. Tamara PizzoliHowell Edwards CreativeAlphabet2+An alphabet of fresh hairstyles.Race, Culture34English
Girls A to ZEve BuntingSuzanne BloomAlphabet2+Celebrate the alphabet of things that girls can do as they are encouraged to be anything they want to be.Race32English
ABC A Family Alphabet BookBobbie CombsDesiree & Brian RappaFamily, Alphabet3+This book celebrates diverse families as it teaches the alphabet.Race, Family Make-up, LGBTQIA+32Englishnone
C is for ChickasawWiley BarnesAaron K. LongAlphabet3+Explore the history, culture, and language of the Chickasaw people using the letters of the alphabet.Race, Culture40English
An ABC of EqualityChana Ginelle EwingPaulina MorganAlphabet4+From A to Z, simple explanations accompanied by engaging artwork teach children about the world we live in and how to navigate our way through it.Race, Ability, Religion56English
Love Makes a FamilySophie BeerSophie BeerFamily2+This fun, inclusive board book celebrates the one thing that makes every family a family . . . and that's LOVE.Race, Family Make-up, LGBTQIA+26Englishnone
Pond BabiesCathryn FalwellCathryn FalwellMarine LifeAllA mother and child look at all of the babies and parents at the pond.Race32English
Sandy Feet! Whose Feet?: Footprints at the ShoreSusan WoodSteliyana DonevaMarine Life2+When a family spends a day at the beach the children investigate various footprints to see what types of creatures live along the shoreline.Race32English
Trout Are Made of TreesApril Pulley SayreKate EndleMarine Life3+Simple prose follows the life cycle of trout from leaves that fall into streams to bears and people eating them.Race32English
Nerdy Babies: OceanEmmy KastnerEmmy KastnerMarine Life3+Join a diverse group of babies as they learn facts about the ocean and marine life.Race22English
Nerdy Babies: DinosaursEmmy KastnerEmmy KastnerDinosaurs3+Join a diverse group of babies as they learn facts about dinosaurs.Race22Englishnone
Nerdy Babies: InsectsEmmy KastnerEmmy KastnerInsects3+Join a diverse group of babies as they learn facts about insects.Race22Englishnone
Nerdy Babies: RocksEmmy KastnerEmmy KastnerGeology3+Join a diverse group of babies as they learn facts about rocks.Race22Englishnone
Nerdy Babies: TransportationEmmy KastnerEmmy KastnerTransportation3+Join a diverse group of babies as they learn facts about transportation.Race22Englishnone
Teeny Tiny ToadyJill EsbaumKeika YamaguchiMarine Life3+When Teeny’s mama gets trapped in a bucket, Teeny goes to her strong brothers for help. When they fall in, it’s up to Teeny to save them all.Gender Roles40English
Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless ScientistJess KeatingMarta Álvarez MiguénsMarine Life, History3+A look at the life of Eugenie Clark, the scientist who changed how the world viewed sharks.Race, Gender Roles40English
Over and Under the PondKate MessnerChristopher Silas NealBirds, Marine Life3+A boy and his mother row through a pond, looking at the animals above and below the water. Has birds and mammals too.Race48English
Over and Under the WavesKate MessnerChristopher Silas NealBirds, Marine Life3+A girl and her family paddle on the ocean, looking at the animals above and below the water. Has birds and mammals too.Race56English
Noah’s SealLayn MarlowLayn MarlowMarine Life3+While Nana repairs their boat, Noah sculpts his own speckled seal out of sand and pebbles. But when a sudden storm rolls in, the seal is washed away… or is it?Race32English
OonaKelly DiPucchioRaissa FigueroaMarine Life3+Oona and her best otter friend run into trouble as they hunt for treasure in the ocean, but stick to it and are well rewarded.Race32English
Oona and the SharkKelly DiPucchioRaissa FigueroaMarine Life3+Oona the mermaid is friends with everyone, but when her attempts to befriend a shark with sensory issues fail miserably she realizes what may be fun for her may be overwhelming for him.Race, Neurodiversity32English
Oona in the ArcticKelly DiPucchioRaissa FigueroaMarine Life3+A mermaid and her otter friend go on a journey to help a lost beluga whale return to the Arctic.Race32English
These Seas Count!Alison FormentoSarah SnowCounting, Marine Life4+A class visits the beach, learns about the animals in the ocean, and the effects of litter on them. They count the animals and their trash bags as they clean up.Race32English
A Salmon for SimonBetty WatertownAnn BladesMarine Life4+This is a story from Canada about an Indigenous boy who really wants to catch a salmon.Race, Culture32English
A Different PondBao PhiThi BuiMarine Life4+When a boy goes fishing with his father, he learns of the different pond in their homeland of Vietnam.Race, Culture, Nationality, Socioeconomic 32English
Hand Over HandAlma FullertonRenné BenoitMarine Life4+Nina is determined to go fishing with her grandfather even though it’s not something girls are supposed to do in their Filipino village.Race, Culture, Nationality, Gender Roles24English
If Sharks DisappearedLily WilliamsLily WilliamsMarine Life4+Learn about how important sharks are to our oceans and to us as a girl and her family enjoy a boat ride above them.Race40English
If Bees DisappearedLily WilliamsLily WilliamsInsects4+Explores what would happen if bees became extinct, and how their extinction would effect not just bees' environment, but the world as a whole.Race40English
If Tigers DisappearedLily WilliamsLily WilliamsLand Animals4+Join children as they track the devastating reality of what our world might look like without tigers.Race40English
If Elephants DisappearedLily WilliamsLily WilliamsLand Animals4+Trace the repercussions of a world without elephants in this picture book about loss and conservation.Race40English
If Polar Bears DisappearedLily WilliamsLily WilliamsLand Animals4+If Polar Bears Disappeared uses accessible, charming art to explore what would happen if the sea ice melts, causing the extinction of polar bears, and how it would affect environments around the globe.Race40English
My Mommy, My Mama, My Brother, and Me: These Are the Things We Found by the SeaNatalie MeisnerMathilde Cinq-MarsMarine Life4+Two kids and their moms spend the day on the beach, sharing the creatures and objects they find, and the people they meet.Race, Family Make-Up, LGBTQIA+32English
Hank’s Big Day: The Story of a BugEvan KuhlmanChuck GroeninkInsects3+Hank is a pillbug who goes on adventures with his human friend Amelia around her yard.Race40English
Dragonfly Kites / PimithaagansaTomson HighwayJulie FlettInsects4+Two Cree brothers play with the animals in nature around them.Race, Culture, Language32Cree, English
Summer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria MerianMargarita EngleJulie PaschkisInsects4+In the middle ages, Maria Merian studied caterpillars in secret because people believed insects were evil.Gender Roles32English
Bea’s BeesKatherine PryorEllie PetersonInsects4+When the bees disappear from her favorite bumblebee nest, Beatrix goes on a research expedition to learn how to bring them back.Race40English
Maria Had a Little Llama (Maria Tenia una Llamita)Angela DominguezAngela DominguezLand AnimalsAllThe traditional nursery rhyme about Mary is set in Peru with a mischievous llama.Race, Culture, Nationality, Language32English
I Like the FarmShelley RotnerShelley RotnerLand AnimalsAllSimple prose and pictures show diverse children with farm animals.Race32English
We All PlayJulie FlettJulie FlettLand Animals2+Come along on a joyful romp through nature with animals and humans who all play.Race, Culture, Language48Cree, English
Sweetest KuluCelina KallukAlexandria NeonakisLand Animals2+An Indigenous Canadian mother tells her baby, Kulu, about all the animals visiting with their best wishes.Race, Culture30English
How to Find a FoxNilah MagruderNilah MagruderLand Animals2+A girl searches for a silly fox in the woods.Race40Englishnone
NeitherAirlie AndersonAirlie AndersonAnimals2+In a land full of bunnies and birds, can a creature who is both find a place to fit in?Gender Expression, Gender Identity 40English
Zoo Day: A My First Experience BookAnne RockwellLizzy RockwellAnimals3+A family makes the most of their first trip to the zoo.Race32English
Sharing Our World: Animals of the Native Northwest CoastAnimals3+Artists from Coast Salish, Haida, Bella Bella, and many other Nations have contributed colorful images as well as cultural information about each creature.Culture24English
Never Ask a Dinosaur to DinnerGareth EdwardsGuy Parker-ReesAnimals3+This fun, rhyming read-aloud will guide you safely through your bedtime routine and the animals who may want to join you.RaceEnglish
Peek! A Thai Hide-and-SeekMinfong HoHolly MeadeAnimals3+Join a girl and her father in their noisy game of hide-and-seek in the jungle as they get help from all the animals around.Race, Culture, Language40Thai, English
Zoe and the FawnCatherine JamesonJulie FlettLand Animals3+Zoe and her dad see a fawn curled under a tree and go on a quest to find her mother. Bilingual English and Okanagan (Indigenous).Race, Culture, Language32Okanagan, English
Hush! A Thai LullabyMinfong HoHolly MeadeAnimals3+A mother shushes the animals near their home as her baby sleeps.Race, Culture, Language32Thai, English
The Girl and the WolfKatherena VermetteJulie FlettLand Animals3+In an Indigenous take on Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf helps a girl who is lost in the woods.Race, Culture32English
A Boy and a JaguarAlan RabinowitzCátia ChienAnimals, History4+Follow the life of Alan, who stutters as a child, but loves talking to the animals at the zoo. He grows up to work on jaguar conservation.Ability32English
Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved ReptilesPatricia ValdezFelicita SalaLand Animals, History4+Joan went from having tea parties with lizards to becoming the first female curator at the Reptile House at the London Zoo and befriending Komodo dragons.Gender Roles40English
And Tango Makes ThreeJustin Richardson and Peter ParnellHenry ColeBirds 3+Two male penguins hatch an egg together and raise their baby, Tango.Family Make-Up, Gender Roles, LGBTQIA+32English
Harriet Gets Carried AwayJessie SimaJessie SimaBirds4+Harriet loves costumes, but a penguin costume at the store gets her a little carried away. Carried away by penguins while her dads wonder where she is!Race, Family Make-Up, LGBTQIA+48English
Silly ChickenRukhsana KhanYunmee KyongBirds4+A young girl in Pakistan thinks that her mother loves their chicken more than her, but when the chicken goes missing, Rani cares too.Race, Culture, Nationality40English
My Beautiful BirdsSuzanne Del RizzoSuzane Del RizzoBirds4+Sami has to leave his home behind to live in a Syrian refugee camp. He is worried about his pet birds until new birds show up to be his friends.Race, Culture, Nationality, Refugees32English
Mango, Abuela, and MeMeg MedinaAngela DominguezBirds4+Mia has trouble communicating with her Spanish-speaking grandmother, until a bird named Mango helps out.Race, Culture, Nationality, Language, Age32Spanish, English
Here and ThereTamara Ellis SmithEvelyn DaviddiBirds, Music4+Ivan struggles with his Mama and Dad living in different houses, but finds comfort and connection in bird calls and singing.Race, Family Make-Up32English
Bird BoyMatthew BurgessShahrzad MaydaniBirds, School, Self Pride4+Take flight in this heartwarming story about a boy who learns to be true to himself at school while following his love of nature and birds.Race, Ability, Neurodiversity32English
A House for Every BirdMegan MaynorKaylani JuanitaBirds, Visual Art4+A young artist draws birds and a house to match each one, but soon she learns that you can’t always judge a bird by its feathers!Race32English
We Love You, RosieCynthia RylantLinda DavickPetsAllWherever she goes and whatever she does, a dog’s family will always love her.Race48English
Please Puppy PleaseSpike Lee and Tonya Lewis LeeKadir NelsonPetsAllA brother and sister chase their pet puppy as it gets into mischief.Race32English
Libby and Pearl: The Best of FriendsLindsey BonniceLindsey BonnicePetsAllThis photographic picture book shows a girl and her pet pig in adorable situations around their home.Race32English
Lola Gets a CatAnna McQuinnRosalind BeardshawPets2+Lola learns all about caring for cats, prepares her home, and adopts a cat.Race28English
Pet Show!Ezra Jack KeatsEzra Jack KeatsPets3+When he can't find his cat to enter in the neighborhood pet show, Archie must do some fast thinking to win a prize.Race40English
Whistle for WillieEzra Jack KeatsEzra Jack KeatsPets3+Peter wants to learn to whistle to surprise his dog, Willie.Race32English
The Adventures of Honey and LeonAlan CummingGrant ShafferPets3+Honey and Leon follow their two dads on a big trip, protecting them along the way.Family Make-up, LGBTQIA+48English
Hello Goodbye DogMaria GianferrariPatrice BartonPets, School3+Zara’s dog loves to be by her side, helping her in her wheelchair. It causes problems at school and the library, but they find a solution that makes everyone happy.Race, Ability40English
Snow in JerusalemDeborah da CostaYing-Hwa Hu and Cornelius Van WrightPets, Winter4+Although they live in different quarters of Jerusalem, a Jewish boy and a Muslim boy are surprised to discover they have been caring for the same stray cat.Race, Religion, Culture, Nationality32English
Mister and Lady DayAmy NoveskyVanessa Brantley NewtonPets, History4+Learn about Billie Holiday and the dog who loved her.Race32English
Lost and Found CatDoug Kuntz and Amy ShrodesSue CornelisonPets, History4+This true story follows a cat who gets separated from his refugee family.Race, Culture, Religion, Nationality, Refugees48English
Not Norman: A Goldfish StoryNoah Z. JonesNoah Z. JonesPets4+Norman wasn’t what this little boy had in mind, but the boy grows to love him.Race32English
Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing FriendshipJessica Kensky and Patrick DownesScott MagoonPets4+When the doctors have to remove part of Jessica’s leg, she doesn’t know how she will do things on her own, but a service dog named Rescue shows her.Ability32English
Cece Loves ScienceKimberly Derting and Shelli R. JohannesVashti HarrisonPets4+Cece and her friend conduct an experiment to see if her dog will eat vegetables.Race40English
Cece Loves Science and AdventureKimberly Derting and Shelli R. JohannesVashti HarrisonSummer4+When Cece and her Adventure Girls troop face a sudden thunderstorm, they use science, technology, engineering, and math to solve problems and make their way safely back to camp.Race40English
Dig Those DinosaursLori Haskins HouranFrancisca MarquezDinosaurs2+A diverse group of paleontologists dig up and display dinosaur bones.Race24English
Bones, Bones, Dinosaur BonesByron BartonByron BartonDinosaurs2+Paleontologists show the steps it takes to get T-Rex bones on display in a museum.Race32English
Lizard from the ParkMark PettMark PettDinosaurs3+Leonard’s pet lizard keeps growing and growing, but Leonard comes up with a solution.Race40English
If I Had a RaptorGeorge O’ConnorGeorge O’ConnorDinosaurs4+A girl brings a dinosaur home and shows the fun and challenges of having a pet raptor.Race32English
Dinosaurs Are DifferentAlikiAlikiDinosaurs4+Kids notice what makes dinosaurs different from other animals.Race32Englishnone
Fossils Tell of Long AgoAlikiAlikiDinosaurs, Geology4+Describes the formation of fossils and their role in revealing the nature of prehistoric life to scientists.Race32English
Dinosaur BonesAlikiAlikiDinosaurs4+A boy wonders how we know so much about dinosaurs when they lived so long ago.Race32English
Everybody Needs a RockByrd BaylorPeter ParnallGeology3+A girl gives instructions for finding the perfect rock.Race, Culture32Englishnone
Magnets Push, Magnets PullDavid A. AdlerAnna RaffGeology4+A boy and a girl explore the science of magnets around their home.Race32English
These Rocks CountAlison FormentoSarah SnowGeology4+Follow a class on a field trip hike where they learn about the many uses of rocks.Race32English
Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family's JourneyMargriet RuursNizar Ali BadrGeology4+Syrian artist Nizar Ali Badr’s stunning stone images illustrate the story of Rama and her family as they are forced to leave their home as refugees.Race, Culture, Nationality, Language, Refugees28Arabic, English
Hello Autumn!Shelley RotnerShelley RotnerFall2+Photographs explore diverse kids and nature in autumn.Race32English
Hello Spring!Shelley RotnerShelley RotnerSpring2+Photographs explore diverse kids and nature in spring.Race32English
Hello Winter!Shelley RotnerShelley RotnerWinter2+Photographs explore diverse kids and nature in winter.Race32English
Hello Summer!Shelley RotnerShelley RotnerSummer2+Photographs explore diverse kids and nature in summer.Race32English
My Autumn BookWong Herbert YeeWong Herbert YeeFall2+A young girl rushes outside when the air is crisp and the sky turns gray to observe all of the changes that autumn brings.RaceEnglish
Goodbye Summer, Hello AutumnKenard PakKenard PakFall3+Join a young girl as she walks through forest and town, greeting the signs of the coming season.Race32English
Apple Picking TimeMichele Ben SlawsonDeborah Kogan RayFall, History3+This quiet story is a celebration of family and community: taking time off from work and school, Anna’s entire family turns out to pick the fruit before it spoils.Race32Englishnone
Fall Leaves: Colorful and CrunchyMartha E. H. RustadAmanda EnrightFall, Plants, Seasons3+Look at the science of leaves through the seasons, but mostly fall.Race24English
Fall Apples: Crisp and JuicyMartha E. H. RustadAmanda EnrightFall, Food3+Learn about how apples grow and how to use them.Race24English
One Green AppleEve BuntingTed LewinFall, Food4+While on a school field trip to an orchard to make cider, a young immigrant named Farah gains self-confidence.Race, Religion, Culture, Nationality, 32English
Into the SnowYuki KanekoMasamitsu SaitoWinter2+A girl plays out in the snow and has hot chocolate with her mother.Race32English
First SnowNancy ViauTalitha ShipmanWinter4+Friends gather outside to celebrate the first snowfall of the season with snowball fights, sledding, building igloos, drinking hot chocolate, and making the most of a windy, wintry day.Race32English
First SnowBomi ParkBomi ParkWinter2+A young girl experiences the magic of the first snowfall.Race40English
When the Snow FallsLinda Booth SweeneyJana ChristyWinter2+A sister and brother bundle up for an outdoor adventure in the snow with Grandma.Race, Age32English
Tracks in the SnowWong Herbert YeeWong Herbert YeeWinter2+Help a girl solve the mystery of who the tracks in the snow belong to.Race32English
The Snowy DayEzra Jack KeatsEzra Jack KeatsWinter2+A classic read-aloud about Peter exploring the snow in his neighborhood.Race32English
Big SnowJonathan BeanJonathan BeanWinter3+While helping his mother with housecleaning, an antsy boy keeps a watchful eye on the progress of a winter storm.Race32English
Pup and BearKate BanksNaoko StoopLand Animals, Winter3+A polar bear adopts a wolf pup she finds in the snow and cares for him as her own.Family Make-Up40English
Thanks to the AnimalsAllen SockabasinRebekah RayeLand Animals, Winter3+A Native American boy is helped by animals on the long journey from their summer home by the seashore to their winter home in the deep inland woods.Race, Culture30English
Snow Cynthia RylantLauren StringerWinter4+Celebrates the beauty of a snowfall and its happy effects on children.Race40English
Rain!Linda AshmanChristian RobinsonSpring2+A boy cheers up a grumpy old man in his rainy urban neighborhood.Race, Age30English
Who Likes Rain?Wong Herbert YeeWong Herbert YeeSpring2+Spring is here, and that means April showers as a girl explores the rainy day habits of the world around her. Good read aloud.Race32English
Rain TalkMary SerfozoKeiko NarahashiSpring3+A girl explores the sounds the rain makes in her rural neighborhood.Race28Englishnone
Sakura’s Cherry BlossomsRobert Paul WestonMisa SaburiSpring4+Sakura misses her grandmother and cherry blossoms when she moves from Japan to America.Race, Culture, Nationality, Age 40English
Leo Can SwimAnna McQuinnRuth HearsonSummerAllLeo and his friends kick, splash, sing, and play at swim class.Race24English
Summer Days and NightsWong Herbert YeeWong Herbert YeeSummer2+Join an adventurous little girl as she sets out on a summer’s journey to explore the special world around her.Race32English
Summer Sun Risin’W. Nikola-LisaDon TateSummer3+The narrator tells us about a fine summer’s day on a hard-working farm where everyone is busy from sunup to sunset.Race32English
In The MeadowYukiko KatoKomako SakaiSummer, Insects3+A girl enjoys the sounds and insects in a field with grass as tall as she is.Race, Nationality32English
Come On, RainKaren HesseJohn J. MuthSummer3+A girl waits for rain in the intense summer heat.Race28English
This Beach Is Loud!Samantha CotterillSamantha CotterillSummer3+A boy is very excited to go to the beach with his dad, but the sounds and textures are too much for him. His dad helps him remember some tricks to help.Race, Neurodiversity32English
Can I Play Too?Samantha CotterillSamantha CotterillFriendship3+Two boys' fun train-track-building project takes a turn when one of the boys obliviously insists on only doing things his way.Race, Neurodiversity32English
It Was Supposed to Be SunnySamantha CotterillSamantha CotterillCelebrations 3+Laila feels like her sparkly sunshine birthday celebration is on the brink of ruin when it starts to storm. Changes in routine can be hard for any kid, but especially for kids on the autism spectrum. Race, Neurodiversity32English
The Not-So Great OutdoorsMadeline KloepperMadeline KloepperSummer3+At first, a girl is not enthusiastic about leaving the city to go camping with her family. But it grows on her.Race32English
Jabari JumpsGaia CornwallGaia CornwallSummer4+A boy works up the courage to leap from the high dive with the help of his encouraging father.Race32English
The HikeAlison FarrellAlison FarrellSummer, Plants, Land Animals4+Three intrepid explorers set out to conquer their forest, learning a lot about the plants and animals they see along the way.Race32English
We Are Grateful: OtsaliheligaTraci SorellFrane LessacSeasons, Celebrations3+Journey through the year with a Cherokee family and their tribal nation as they express thanks for celebrations big and small.Race, Culture, Language32Cherokee, English
Fiesta BabiesCarmen TafollaAmy CordovaCelebrationsAllBabies enjoy a colorful fiesta with singing, dancing, food, and rhyme. Some Spanish.Race, Culture, Language24Spanish, Englishnone
Thread of LoveKabir Sehgal and Surishtha SehgalZara Gonzalez HoangCelebrationsAllExplore the Indian holiday of Raksha Bandhan, a celebration of the thread of love that binds brothers and sisters.Race, Culture, Nationality40English
Celebrate with ZazaMylo FreemanMylo FreemanCelebrations2+Zaza is having a party for her stuffy’s birthday. Celebrate and sing!Race24English
Mitzi Tulane, Preschool Detective, in What’s That Smell?Mylo FreemanDebbie OhiCelebrations3+Mitzi must follow the clues- and her nose- to crack the case of whose birthday party her family is throwing.Race32English
Green PantsKenneth KraegelKenneth KraegelCelebrations, Clothing3+Jameson always wears green pants, but he can’t wear them in his cousin’s wedding. He faces a difficult decision and shows he really can do anything in green pants.Race40English
Shante Keys and the New Years PeasGail Piernas-DavenportMarion EldridgeCelebrations3+An African American girl learns about her neighbor’s different New Year’s traditions when she searches for black-eyed peas for her family’s dinner.Race, Culture32English
Duck for Turkey DayJacqueline JulesKathryn MitterCelebrations3+Tuyet worries that her Vietnamese family isn’t following the rules of Thanksgiving when they have a duck for dinner.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
Gracias-ThanksJohn ParraJohn ParraCelebrations3+A young multiracial boy celebrates family, friendship, and fun by telling about some of the everyday things for which he is thankful.Race, Culture, Language, Family Make-Up32Spanish, English
Festival of ColorsKabir Sehgal & Surishtha SehgalVashti HarrisonColors, Celebrations3+Chintoo and Mintoo prepare for the festival of Holi by picking flowers and making fine powders out of them to throw on each other.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
Too Many TamalesGary SotoToo Many TamalesCelebrations4+Maria loses her mother’s ring in the tamales for their Mexican Christmas celebration.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
Between Us and Abuela: A Family Story from the BorderMitali PerkinsSara PalaciosCelebrations4+Maria, her mom, and her little brother go to the border wall to visit their grandmother to celebrate Las Posadas. But when the officers won’t let them put their gifts through the fence, Maria comes up with a high-flying solution.Race, Culture, Nationality40English
The Flower Girl Wore CeleryHolly Clifton-BrownHolly Clifton-BrownCelebrations4+Emma is going to be the flower girl in her cousin Hannah’s Jewish wedding, but nothing is as she expected.Religion, Culture, Family Make-Up, LGBTQIA+32English
Over the River & Through the Wood: A Holiday AdventureLinda AshmanKim SmithCelebrations4+A multiracial family rushes through the snow to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for an unspecified winter holiday that looks like Thanksgiving. Good read aloud.Race, Family Make-UpEnglish
Queen of the Hanukkah DosasQueen of the Hanukkah DosasQueen of the Hanukkah DosasCelebrations4+In a family that is Indian and Jewish it’s fun to make dosas for Hanukkah.Race, Family Make-Up, Nationality, Religion40English
The Nian MonsterAndrea WangAlina ChauCelebrations4+Can Xingling find a way to outwit the monster and save Shanghai in time for the new year’s festivities?Race, Culture, Nationality32English
Sam and the Lucky MoneyKaren ChinnCornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa HuCelebrations4+Sam is so excited to spend his lucky new year’s money. He struggles with the decision of where to spend it until he finds someone who needs it more than he does.Race, Culture, Socioeconomic32English
Charlie Parker played be bopChris RaschkaChris RaschkaMusic AllThis lyrical read-aloud shares the music of a great jazz saxophone player.Race32English
A Band of BabiesCarole GerberJane DyerMusicAllOn play group morning the babies start making music. Good read-aloud.Race32English
I Got the RhythmConnie Schofield-MorrisonI Got the RhythmMusic, Neighborhood 2+A girl explores rhythm in her neighborhood, making fun music with her body. Great read aloud.Race32English
Sing, Don’t CryAngela DominguezAngela DominguezMusic, Family2+Abuelo and his grandchildren sing through the bad times and the good as he plays his guitar and tells about his life.Race, Culture, Nationality, Age32English
Ben’s TrumpetRachel IsadoraRachel IsadoraMusic3+Ben wants to play the trumpet, but he doesn’t have one.Race, Socioeconomic40English
BecauseMo WillemsAmber RenMusic3+This moving tale of a young girl’s journey to composing and conducting an orchestra explores the chance, persistence, and hard work required.Race, Gender Roles40English
Natsumi!Susan LendrothPriscilla BurrisMusic3+Natsumi does everything in a big way, which her parents don’t always appreciate. But her grandfather helps her discover that her talents are great for taiko drumming.Race, Culture, Age32English
Before John Was a Jazz GiantCarole Boston WeatherfordSean QuallsMusic, History3+Young John Coltrane was all ears, soaking in the sounds around him.Race32English
Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl's Courage Changed MusicMargarita EngleRafael LópezMusic, History3+Based on a true story, a Chinese-African-Cuban girl breaks Cuba's traditional taboo against female drummers to follow her passion.Race, Culture, Nationality, Gender Roles48English
Hana Hashimoto, Sixth ViolinChieri UegakiQin LengMusic4+Hana practices and practices for the school talent show, remembering her grandfather who played violin in Japan.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
Moses Goes to a ConcertIsaac MillmanIsaac MillmanMusic4+A story about a deaf boy going with his class to a symphony concert. It includes sign language. Good read aloud.Ability, Language40English
Little Melba and Her Big TromboneKatheryn Russell-BrownFrank MorrisonMusic, History4+This lively tribute follows the life of an unsung hero of jazz from her start as a little girl who chooses to play the trombone.Race, Gender Roles40English
B is for BreakdancingDr. Tamara PizzoliHowell Edwards CreativeAlphabet, Dance2+An ABC book of ways to shake what your momma gave you.Race32English
How Do You Dance?Thyra HederThyra HederDance2+Explore dance in all of its creativity, humor, and joy, in a book that celebrates the diversity of personal expression through dance.Race, Ability, Gender Expression40English
Rap a Tap Tap: Here’s Bojangles - Think of That!Leo Dillon & Diane DillonLeo Dillon & Diane DillonHistory, Dance2+In toe-tapping verse and joyful paintings, celebrate the spirit and exuberance of the legendary dancer Bojangles.Race32English
Brave Ballerina: The Story of Janet CollinsMichelle MeadowsEbony GlennHistory, Dance3+This is the story of a remarkable pioneer, the first African American prima ballerina in the Metropolitan Opera House, shown in beautiful illustrations and poetry.Race32English
I Will DanceNancy Bo FloodJulianna SwaneyDance3+Eva longs to dance, but doesn’t know what dance looks like for someone who uses a wheelchair. Until she discovers a class for dancers of all abilities.Race, Ability48English
Jingle DancerCynthia Leitich SmithCornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa HuDance4+The affirming story of how a contemporary Native American girl turns to her family and community to help her dance find a voice.Race, Culture32English
The Cambodian Dancer: Sophany’s Gift of HopeDaryn ReicherterChristy HaleDance4+Dancing and sharing dance with others brings Sophany great joy, but she has to leave Cambodia and start a life in a new land.Race, Culture, Nationality, Language32Khmer, English
A Dance Like Starlight: One Ballerina’s DreamKristy DempseyFloyd CooperHistory, Dance4+An African-American girl in the fifties dreams of being a ballerina even though only white girls are allowed to perform.Race32English
Ho’onani Hula WarriorHeather GaleMika SongDance4+Ho’onani doesn’t see herself as a girl or boy. But she knows she wants to be in the performance of traditional hula chant, a traditionally all-male performance.Race, Culture, Gender Expression, Gender Identity, Gender Roles40English
Kite FlyingGrace LinGrace LinVisual Art 2+A Chinese-American girl builds a dragon kite with her family and flies it in the park.Race, Culture32English
Viva FridaYuyi MoralesTim O'Meara & Yuyi MoralesVisual Art, History2+With spare text and gorgeous illustrations, explore the imaginative life of Frida Kahlo.Race, Culture, Nationality40Spanish, English
What If…Samantha BergerMichael CuratoVisual Art 2+This gorgeous book celebrating creativity follows a girl with purple hair as she imagines the many ways she “will always create.”Race40English
PuddleHyewon YumHyewon YumVisual Art 3+A boy and his mother draw together on a rainy day.Race40English
Frida Kahlo (Little People, Big Dreams)Isabel Sanchez VegaraGee Fan EngVisual Art, History3+A fantastic biography of the famous painter.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
Beyonce (Little People, Big Dreams)Isabel Sanchez VegaraJade OrlandoMusic, History3+A fantastic biography of the famous singer.Race32English
Leo Messi (Little People, Big Dreams)Isabel Sanchez VegaraFlorencia GavilánHistory, Sports3+A fantastic biography of the famous athlete.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
Amanda Gorman (Little People, Big Dreams)Isabel Sanchez VegaraQueenbe MonyeiHistory, Writing/Poetry3+A fantastic biography of the famous poet.Race32English
Stevie Wonder (Little People, Big Dreams)Isabel Sanchez VegaraMelissa Lee JohnsonMusic, History3+A fantastic biography of the famous singer.Race, Ability32English
Drawn TogetherMinh LeDan SantatVisual Art 3+A boy and his grandfather have trouble communicating until they discover their shared love of drawing.Race, Culture, Nationality, Age40English
IshPeter H. ReynoldsPeter H. ReynoldsVisual Art 3+Ramon feels self-conscious about his drawing until his little sister points out that art can look “ish”.Race32English
Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a NeighborhoodF. Isabel Campoy and Theresa HowellRafael LópezVisual Art, Neighborhood3+The story of how art transformed a neighborhood through the hands of a girl and her neighbors.Race40English
Parker Looks Up: An Extraordinary MomentParker Curry and Jessica CurryBrittany JacksonVisual Art, History3+Visit the National Portrait Gallery with Parker and share her moment of awe at Amy Sherald’s portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama.Race40English
David’s DrawingsCathryn FalwellCathryn FalwellVisual Art 3+David draws a picture of a tree and his whole class wants to contribute to the drawing. When he gets home he makes another for himself.Race32English
Imagine!Raúl ColónRaúl ColónVisual Art 3+This wordless story of what happens when a boy visits The MOMA in New York is full of imagination and fun.Race48English
Cherries and Cherry PitsVera B. WilliamsVera B. WilliamsVisual Art, Neighborhood4+A girl draws pictures and tells stories about cherries and people in her neighborhood.Race40English
Jake Makes a World: Jacob Lawrence, a Young Artist in HarlemSharifa Rhodes-PittsChristopher MyersVisual Art, History4+Learn about the childhood of Jacob Lawrence and how he found inspiration in everyday things.Race44English
Henri’s ScissorsJeanette WinterJeanette WinterVisual Art, History4+See the art Henri Matisse was able to create when confined to his bed and a wheelchair.Ability, Nationality40English
Radiant ChildJavaka SteptoeJavaka SteptoeVisual Art, History4+The life of Jean-Michel Basquiat and how he became an artist in NYC.Race, Socioeconomic40English
The World is Not a RectangleJeanette WinterJeanette WinterVisual Art, History4+A portrait of Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid and her dreams of designing wild and beautiful cities based on nature.Race, Culture, Nationality 56English
A Life Made by Hand: The Story of Ruth AsawaAndrea D’AquinoAndrea D’AquinoVisual Art, History4+A straightforward look at the life of a Japanese American artist whose woven wire sculptures bring beauty to the world.Race40English
Mission to SpaceJohn HerringtonJohn HerringtonOuter Space, History3+Follow Chickasaw astronaut John Herrington on his mission to the International Space Station through photos.Race, Culture, Language24Chickasaw, English
Hello,StarStephanie V.W. LucianovicVashti HarrisonOuter Space3+A young girl becomes interested in astronomy when she learns about a dying star in the sky. It inspires her to become a scientist and astronaut.Race40English
Nerdy Babies: SpaceEmmy KastnerEmmy KastnerOuter Space3+Join a diverse group of babies as they learn facts about space.Race24English
Mae Among the StarsRoda AhmedStasia BurringtonOuter Space, History3+Little Mae Jemison wants to be an astronaut when she grows up, and though her teacher doesn’t think it’s possible, her mother believes in her.Race, Gender Roles40English
Busy People: AstronautLucy M. GeorgeAndoTwinOuter Space3+Follow the adventures of three diverse astronauts on a space station.Race24English
GravityJason ChinJason ChinOuter Space3+Learn about the ups and downs of the mysterious force that keeps us on the ground.Race32English
A Big Mooncake for Little StarGrace LinGrace LinOuter Space, Food3+Little Star can’t resist nibbling on the mooncake that she bakes with her mama, leading to it gradually getting smaller, just like the actual moon.Race, Culture40English
Small WorldIshta MercurioJen CoraceOuter Space3+As Nanda grows, her world grows too, until she’s the one in space looking down on planet Earth.Race32English
How to Be on the MoonViviane SchwarzViviane SchwarzOuter Space4+Anna and Crocodile build a rocket and prepare for a trip to the moon.Race32English
You Should Meet Mae JemisonLaurie CalkhovenMonique DongOuter Space, History4+The life of Mae Jemison, the first African American female astronaut.Race48English
To the Stars!: The First American Woman to Walk in SpaceCamella Van Fleet and Dr. Kathy SullivanNicole WongOuter Space, History4+The life of Kathy Sullivan, the first American woman to walk in space.Gender Roles40English
Imani’s MoonJaNay Brown-WoodHazel MitchellOuter Space4+Imani wants to touch the moon so she can achieve something great, just like the heroes in the Kenyan folk stories Mama tells her. But how will she do it?Race, Culture, Nationality32English
Jake at GymnasticsRachel IsadoraRachel IsadoraSports2+Jake and his toddler classmates tumble through gymnastics class.Race, Gender Roles32English
The FieldBaptiste PaulJacqueline AlcántaraSports2+Kids in a Caribbean town take over a field for a passionate game of pick-up soccer. Will the rain get in their way? Creole words interspersed.Race, Nationality, Language32Creole, English
She’s Got ThisLaurie HernandezNiña MataSports3+Zoe wants to fly like the gymnasts on TV, but when she falls off the balance beam she wants to give up. Her family convinces her to keep trying.Race32English
Sisters: Venus and Serena WilliamsJeanette WinterJeanette WinterSports, History3+Follow Venus and Serena from their childhood in Compton to dominating the world of tennis.Race, Socioeconomic48English
Luke Goes to BatRachel IsadoraRachel IsadoraSports4+Luke is not very good at baseball, but his grandmother and sports star Jackie Robinson encourage him to keep trying.Race32English
JoJo’s Flying Side KickBrian PinkneyBrian PinkneySports4+Everyone gives JoJo advice on how to perform in order to earn her yellow belt in tae kwon do class, but in the end she figures it out for herself.Race, Gender Roles32English
Allie’s Basketball DreamBarbara E. BarberDarryl LigasanSports4+Allie is so excited to practice with the new basketball her father gave her, but other kids keep telling her that basketball is for boys. Allie finally convinces one boy that girls can shoot hoops too and with each shot she improves.Race, Gender Roles32English
The William Hoy StoryNancy ChurninJez TuyaSports, History4+William Hoy was one of the greatest and most beloved players of his time. He was also deaf.Ability32English
The Quickest Kid in ClarksvillePat Zietlow MillerFrank MorrisonSports, History4+Gold medalist Wilma Rudolph comes home to Clarksville and inspires a young runner to reach for her dreams.Race, Socioeconomic40English
The Soccer FencePhil BildnerJesse Joshua WatsonSports, History4+A story of friendship, hope and apartheid in South Africa follows a boy who wants to play soccer on the clean, grass-covered pitch that the white boys play on.Race, Nationality, Socioeconomic40English
The Stone ThrowerJael Ealey RichardsonMatt JamesSports, History4+Learn the story of Chuck Ealey and his journey from growing up very poor in a segregated neighborhood in Ohio to football fame.Race, Socioeconomic32English
Born Ready:The True Story of a Boy Named PenelopeJodie PattersonBorn Ready:The True Story of a Boy Named PenelopeSports4+Penelope loves skateboarding and karate and is about to go on a journey of coming out to his family as a boy.Race, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA+40English
The Bus is for Us!Michael RosenGillian TylerTransportationAllThis playful rhyme shows why many different kids love riding the bus. Good read aloud.Race32Englishnone
The Bus For UsSuzanne BloomSuzanne BloomTransportation2+Waiting at the bus stop with her older friend Gus, Tess eagerly asks, “Is this the bus for us, Gus?” as each vehicle passes by.Race32English
SubwayAnastasia SuenKaren KatzTransportationAllColorful illustrations by Karen Katz follow a girl on a subway trip with her mother. Good read aloud.Race, Socioeconomic24English
Up! Up! Up! SkyscraperAnastasia SuenRyan O'RourkeConstruction3+Snappy rhymes invite young readers to watch workers dig, pour, pound, and bolt a skyscraper into existence.Race32English
I Really Want to See You, GrandmaTaro GomiTaro GomiTransportation2+Yumi and her grandmother take many different modes of transportation to visit one another, but they keep missing each other! Great read-aloud.Race, Age40English
The Wheels on the BusStella BlackstoneMelanie WilliamsonTransportation2+In a twist on the classic tune, follow a chicken bus on its way to town in Guatemala. Comes with a CD of the music.Race, Culture, Nationality24English
Whose Truck?Toni BuzzeoJim DatzTransportation2+From snow plows to cranes, guess who the trucks belong to. Board book.Race, Gender Roles16Englishnone
Max SpeedStephen ShaskanStephen ShaskanTransportation2+Max is a fearless daredevil from cars to jet packs to volcanoes. Great read aloud.Race32Englishnone
Dig Dig DiggingMargaret MayoAlex AyliffeTransportation2+This bright, noise-filled book brings together the vehicles that children adore.Race24English
The Princess and the Pit StopTom AnglebergerDan SantatTransportation3+A plucky princess races against a gaggle of fairy-tale and nursery rhyme characters in this epic car race with illustrations full of action.Race, Gender Roles48English
The Airport BookLisa BrownLisa BrownTransportation3+Follow a multiracial family on their airplane trip and learn about the steps in their adventure.Race, Family Make-Up40English
Emergency!Gail GibbonsGail GibbonsTransportation3+See what people do in an emergency to help using special vehicles and equipment.Race32Englishnone
All the Way to HavanaMargarita EngleMike CuratoTransportation3+A boy and his parents drive to Havana, Cuba, experiencing the sites and sounds of the city and its vintage cars.Race, Culture, Nationality40English
A Fire Engine for RuthieLesléa NewmanCyd MooreTransportation4+Ruthie loves to visit Nana, but Nana doesn’t have the vehicle toys that Ruthie loves to play with, so she creates her own.Gender Expression32Englishnone
My Papi Has a MotorcycleIsabel QuinteroZeke PeñaTransportation4+When Daisy zooms around her neighborhood with Papi on his motorcycle, she sees the people and places in her Southern California neighborhood.Race, Culture40English
Fly, Girl, Fly: Shaesta Waiz Soars Around the WorldNancy Roe PimmAlexandra ByeTransportation, History4+Shaesta Waiz is a refugee from Afghanistan who overcame gender stereotypes to be the youngest woman to fly around the globe by herself in a single engine aircraft.Race, Nationality, Gender Expression, Refugees40English
Flying Free: How Bessie Coleman's Dreams Took FlightKaryn ParsonsR. Gregory ChristieTransportation4+The story of Bessie Coleman, the first African American pilot to fight for her right to fly.Race, Gender Roles48English
Building a HouseByron BartonByron BartonConstructionAllFrom a hill to a house and all the steps in between.Race32English
Kitten and the Night WatchmanJohn SullivanTaeeun YooConstruction2+The night watchman hugs his wife and kids and drives to work at the construction site. All night he is alone, until he meets a kitten.Race40English
Fix it! A Reparar!Georgie BirkettGeorgie BirkettConstruction2+A girl and her parents fix things around the house. Biligual English and Spanish.Race24Spanish, English
Whose Tools?Toni BuzzeoJim DatzConstruction2+From carpenters to masons, guess who the tools belong to. Board book.Race, Gender Roles16Englishnone
My Friend Robot!Sunny ScribensHui SkippConstruction2+Join a lively crew of children and a robot as they build a tree house. Great read/sing aloud. Comes with a CD of the music.Race32Englishnone
BlocksIrene DicksonIrene DicksonConstruction2+A boy and girl build, argue, and resolve their differences.Race32English
Road BuildersB. G. HennessySimms TabackConstruction2+See the steps a diverse crew takes to build a road.Race, Gender Roles32English
ConstructionSally SuttonBrian LovelockConstruction2+A rhythmic read-aloud full of bustling illustrations and sound words about the construction of a library.Race, Gender Roles32English
RoadworkSally SuttonBrian LovelockConstruction2+A rhythmic read-aloud full of bustling illustrations and sound words about the construction of a road.Race, Gender Roles28English
The Construction CrewLynn MeltzerCarrie Eko-BurgessConstruction2+Watch the crew tear down an old building and lay the foundation for a new home using all kinds of trucks and tools.Race, Gender Roles32English
Someone Builds the DreamLisa WheelerLoren LongConstruction3+We often celebrate architects, engineers, and designers, but what about the people who build their creations? Diverse crews build everything from bridges, to fountains to books.Race, Gender Roles48English
BoxitectsKim SmithKim SmithConstruction3+Meg is a brilliant and creative box architect. But the new kid, Simone, is too. Can they find a way to push past their rivalry and join creative forces?Race, Gender Roles40English
Dreaming Up: A Celebration of BuildingChristy HaleChristy HaleConstruction3+A unique celebration of children’s playtime explorations and the surprising way they find expression in the works of innovative architects.Race40English
Jabari TriesGaia CornwallGaia CornwallConstruction3+Jabari is inventing a machine that will fly all the way across the yard! But making it go from CRASH to WHOOSH will take grit, patience, and a little help from his sister.Race32English
Melia and JoBilly AronsonJennifer OxleyConstruction4+Melia is an inventor; Jo is an artist. Melia realizes that Jo’s very different way of seeing things can make her inventions better and a friendship is born.Race, Gender Roles48English
Fire Engine No. 9Mike AustinMike AustinFirefightersAllFollows a fire engine and its crew through a very busy day, using mainly sound words.RaceEnglish
Fire DrillPaul DuBois Jacobs and Jennifer SwenderHuy Voun LeeFirefighters2+When loud bells ring the children in this class know what to do for a fire drill!Race32English
Busy People: FirefighterLucy M. GeorgeAndoTwinFirefighters3+Firefighter Frank and his crew put out a fire at a school.Race24Englishnone
A Day in the Life of a FirefighterLinda HaywardLinda HaywardFirefighters3+A photo illustrated book about a fire fighter’s day with a diverse crew.Race32Englishnone
My Mom is a FirefighterLois G. GramblingJane ManningFirefighters4+Billy tells us all about his mom’s job and how he helps out at the station.Gender Roles32Englishnone
Molly, By Golly!Dianne OchiltreeKathleen KemlyFirefighters, History4+The Legend of Molly Williams, America's First Female Firefighter.Race, Gender Roles32English
Rainbow StewCathryn FalwellCathryn FalwellPlants/Gardening, Colors2+Looking for something to do on a rainy summer day, some kids and their grandfather harvest veggies from his garden to make a colorful stew. Great read-aloud.Race, Age32English
Lola Plants a GardenAnna McQuinnRosalind BeardshawPlants/Gardening2+Lola and her mother plant a garden and invite friends for a harvest party.Race28English
Flower GardenEve BuntingKathryn HewittPlants/Gardening2+A girl and her father buy garden supplies, take them home on the bus, and plant them in their window box for her mother.Race32English
Grow! Raise! Catch!: How We Get Our FoodShelley RotnerShelley RotnerPlants/Gardening, Food3+Photos of kids and farmers show where our food comes from.Race32English
Harlem Grown: How One Big Idea Transformed a NeighborhoodTony HilleryJessie HartlandPlants/Gardening, Neighborhood, History3+A true story about a man with a big idea to replace vacant lot with a farm and the kids who wanted to help.Race40English
The Ugly VegetablesGrace LinGrace LinPlants/Gardening4+A story about a girl whose family grows ugly Chinese vegetables instead of beautiful flowers like their neighbors.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
How Does My Garden Grow?Gerda MullerGerda MullerPlants/Gardening4+A girl visits her grandparents’ farm and helps through all the seasons. Very detailed illustrations of garden plants.Race, Age40English
Fall Pumpkins: Orange and PlumpMartha E. H. RustadAmanda EnrightPlants/Gardening, Fall4+Learn how to plant, grow and harvest pumpkins with an enthusiastic boy.Race24English
The Empty PotDemiDemiPlants/Gardening4+A long time ago in China, a boy named Ping tried to grow a flower for the Emperor, but nothing grows. He must return with an empty pot.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
Under the Lemon MoonEdith Hope FineRene King MorenoPlants/Gardening4+Rosalinda tries to save her sick lemon tree after someone steals the lemons from it. After receiving help from La Anciana, she learns how to heal the tree and to forgive.Race, Culture32Englishnone
Joseph had a Little OvercoatSimms TabackSimms TabackTextiles/ClothingAllA traditional Yiddish folk song about Joseph using the fabric from his coat to make new items.Culture, Religion, Socioeconomic40English
What Can You Do with a Rebozo? Que Puedes Hacer Con Un Rebozo?Carmen TafollaAmy CordovaTextiles/Clothing3+A girl explores all the things she can do with her traditional Mexican shawl.Culture, Race, Nationality, LanguageSpanish, English
The Twins’ BlanketHyewon YumHyewon YumTextiles/Clothing3+These twins have grown out of the blanket they’ve had since they were born, but when they have two beds and two blankets, they miss sharing.Race40English
Mommy’s KhimarJamilah Thompkins-BigelowEbony GlennTextiles/Clothing3+Beautiful illustrations show a girl’s vivid imagination of who and what she can be when she wears her mother’s yellow khimar (hijab).Race, Religion, Culture40English
The Keeping QuiltPatricia PolaccoPatricia PolaccoTextiles/Clothing4+Anna and her family make a quilt out of their worn out clothing from Russia and it gets passed down through generations of their Jewish family.Religion 32English
Made by RaffiCraig PomranzMargaret ChamberlainTextiles/Clothing4+When Raffi discovers knitting and sewing, at first kids make fun of him, but soon they see what great things he can make.Gender Expression40English
One Plastic BagMiranda PaulElizabeth ZunonTextiles/Clothing4+Isatou Ceesay and the recycling women of the Gambia turn plastic bags into purses.Race, Nationality, Culture, Socieconomic32English
Maya’s Blanket: La Manta de MayaMonica BrownDavid DiazTextiles/Clothing4+Maya Morales loves her blanket very much and creates new clothing items from it as it wears out. Bilingual English and Spanish.Race, Culture, Language32Spanish, English
I Love My PurseBelle DeMontSonja WimmerTextiles/Clothing4+Charlie loves his bright red purse, even when everyone else tells him that boys don’t carry purses. Doing what he loves inspires others to do the same.Race, Gender Expression32English
The Nesting QuiltCathryn FalwellCathryn FalwellTextiles/Clothing, New Baby4+Maya wants to make a nest for the new baby coming to her family, so she and her grandmother make a quilt.Race, Age32English
Abuela’s WeaveOmar S. CastanedaEnrique O. SanchezTextiles/Clothing4+Esperanza and her grandmother go to the market to sell their traditional Guatemalan fabrics.Race, Age, Culture, Nationality, Socioeconomic32English
Sewing StoriesBarbara HerkertVanessa Brantley-NewtonTextiles/Clothing, History4+Harriet Powers’ journey from enslaved child to free fiber artist shows her life of making quilts.Race, Socioeconomic40English
Deep in the SaharaKelly CunnaneHoda HadadiTextiles/Clothing4+Lalla wants to wear a malafa like all the women around her in Mauritania, Muslim West Africa.Race, Culture, Nationality, Religion40English
Leo Loves Baby TimeAnna McQuinnRuth HearsonSchoolAllFollow Leo as he goes to play group with his baby friends.Race24English
Think BigLiz Garton ScanlonVanessa NewtonSchoolAllKids use all different types of arts and crafts to imagine their future professions.RaceEnglish
Rosie Goes to PreschoolKaren KatzKaren KatzSchool2+Rosie shows you what her preschool is like.Race34English
Ming Goes to SchoolDeirdre SullivanMaja LöfdahlSchool2+Ming is curious and ready for adventure as she starts school, but even she gets scared of new things sometimes.Race32English
Lola Goes to SchoolAnna McQuinnRosalind BeardshawSchool2+Lola gets ready for and attends her first day of school.Race32English
I’m New HereAnne Sibley O’BrienAnne Sibley O’BrienSchool3+Follow three recent immigrants as they start at their new school.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
Sumi’s First Day of School EverSoyung PakJoung Un KimSchool3+A young Korean girl has a difficult first day at her new school, but things turn around by the end of the day.Race, Nationality32English
Mom, It’s My First Day of KindergartenHyewon YumHyewon YumSchool3+A boy is headed to his first day at the new school, but it seems his mom is less ready than he is.Race40English
The Day You BeginJacqueline WoodsonRafael LópezSchool3+This gorgeous book is perfect for the beginning of school. It celebrates the bravery it takes to be yourself even when you feel like an outsider in a new place.Race32English
Same Way BenMaryann Cocca-LefflerMaryann Cocca-LefflerSchool3+Ben likes things to be the same every day, until one day when a new teacher starts changing everything. What will Ben do?Race, Neurodiversity32English
Suki’s KimonoChieri UegakiStéphane JorischSchool4+Suki wants to wear her kimono to the first day of school even though her sisters tell her not to. Suki is proud to be an individual and tell the class what is important to her.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
My Name is SangoelKaren Lynn Williams and Khandra MohammedCatherine StockSchool4+When Sangoel leaves Sudan for the U.S., he is unhappy that no one at his new school can pronounce his name correctly, but he comes up with a creative solution.Race, Nationality, Refugees36English
Marisol McDonald Doesn’t MatchMonica BrownSara PalaciosSchool4+In a world where everyone tries to put this Peruvian-Scottish-American girl into a box, Marisol McDonald loves things that don’t match. Bilingual Spanish and English.Race, Family Make-Up, Nationality 32English
The Name JarYangsook ChoiYangsook ChoiSchool, Friendship4+Having just arrived from Korea with her family, Unhei is anxious about making friends and worried that no one can pronounce her name.Race, Nationality40English
The King of KindergartenDerrick BarnesVanessa Brantley-NewtonSchool4+A boy imagines his first day of kindergarten and the royal treatment he’ll receive as he faces this new challenge.Race32English
The Arabic Quilt: An Immigrant StoryAya KhalilAnait SemirdzhyanSchool4+Kanzi’s family has moved from Egypt to America and she wants more than anything to fit in at her new school. Soon her most treasured reminder of her old home will provide a pathway for acceptance in her new one.Race, Culture, Nationality36English
The Smallest Girl in the Smallest GradeJustin RobertsChristian RobinsonSchool, Bullying3+Sally stands up against bullying at her school even though people don’t notice her.Race40English
Noni Speaks UpHeather Hartt-SussmanGeneviève CôtéSchool, Bullying3+Noni doesn’t know how to help her classmate who is being bullied, but doing nothing doesn’t feel good either. Will Noni be brave enough to speak up?Race24English
My Voice is a TrumpetJimmie AllenCathy Ann JohnsonBullying3+This lyrical book shows that all voices can make change happen.Race32English
Speak Up, Molly Lou MelonPatty LovellDavid CatrowSchool, Bullying3+Molly Lou’s mother taught her to use her big voice for good, so when a bully begins teasing others, including a new student, Molly Lou knows just what to do.Race40English
Lila and the CrowGabrielle GrimardGabrielle GrimardSchool, Bullying4+Lila has just moved to a new town and the kids at school make fun of her, saying she looks like a crow. She is ashamed until she realizes how beautiful crows are.Race, Culture32English
The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and FamilyIbtihaj Muhammad and S. K. AliHatem AlySchool, Bullying4+Faizah is proud of her older sister on her first day of hijab on the first day of school. Her sister faces mean words from other students, but Faizah supports her through it. Race, Culture, Religion40English
The Song of DelphineKenneth KraegelKenneth KraegelBullying4+Delphine is a servant in the Queen’s palace in the savannah, but the new princess is not nice to her. Her songs bring her comfort and giraffe visitors.Race, Culture, Nationality40English
From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Seakai cheng thomWai-Yant Li and Kai Yun ChingBullying4+Mui Lan couldn’t decide what to be- boy or girl? Bird or fish? Tree or star? So they (gender neutral, singular pronoun) looked like everything and kids weren’t kind at school. Mui Lin’s mother assures them that she will love them no matter what.Race, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA+40English
King for a DayRukhsana KhanChristiane KrömerBullying4+During the Pakistani spring kite festival of Basant, Malik realizes his dream of being King of the festival with the help of his homemade kite and his siblings, despite a neighborhood bully.Race, Ability, Culture, Socioeconomic, Nationality32English
Jacob’s New DressSarah Hoffman and Ian HoffmanChris CaseSchool, Bullying4+Jacob loves to be the princess during dress up and decides he wants to wear a dress to school. Mom and Dad support him, but some kids at school don’t. Gender Expression32English
Not Quite Snow WhiteAshley FranklinEbony GlennSchool, Bullying4+Tameika loves to sing and dance, but before she auditions for the Snow White musical, she is discouraged by hearing kids say she doesn’t look enough like the princess. With her parents’ help, she regains her confidence and shines in her audition.Race, Body Type32English
Book Fiesta!Pat MoraRafael LopezBooks/Library, Celebrations2+Celebrate children’s book day with fun kids and their imaginations. Bilingual Spanish and English.Race, Ability, Language40Spanish, English
Lola at the LibraryAnna McQuinnRosalind BeardshawBooks/Library2+Lola loves going to the library with her mom.Race32English
Lola Loves StoriesAnna McQuinnRosalind BeardshawBooks/Library2+Lola reads stories with her parents and imagines herself as the characters.Race28English
Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the LibraryJulie GassmanAndy ElkertonBooks/Library3+Learn library etiquette with a boy and his dragon.Race32English
Busy People: LibrarianLucy M. GeorgeAndo TwinBooks/Library3+Follow Rita on a day as a librarian, with a special surprise.Race24English
Biblioburro: A True Story from ColombiaJeanette WinterJeanette WinterBooks/Library, History3+Join Luis and his trusty burros as they travel to bring treasured books to eager children in the remote villages of rural Colombia.Race, Culture, Nationality32English
The Library BookTom Chapin and Michael MarkChuck GroeninkBooks/Library3+A girl sings a song about the wonderful characters she meets at the library. Great read-aloud.Race40English
Please, LouiseToni Morrison & Slade MorrisonShadra StricklandBooks/Library3+Louise starts the day lonely and sad, but a visit to the library opens the world for her.Race32English
DreamersYuyi MoralesYuyi MoralesBooks/Library3+Gorgeous illustrations accompany this autobiographical account of the author/illustrator immigrating to the U.S. and discovering the public library.Race, Culture, Nationality40English
Ron’s Big MissionRose Blue and Corinne J. NadenDon TateBooks/Library, History4+Based on a story about Ron McNair, the pilot and astronaut, a boy wants to check out plane books from the library, but it’s against the law in segregated South Carolina.Race32English
The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned to ReadRita Lorraine HubbardOge MoraBooks/Library, History4+The remarkable true story of the nation’s oldest student, who, at age 116, proved that you’re never too old to learn something newRace, Age40English
my peopleLangston HughesCharles R. Smith Jr.Writing/PoetryAllHughes’s tribute to his people is accompanied by vivid portrait photography.Race40English
Yum! Mmmm! Que Rico! Americas’ SproutingsPat MoraRafael LopezWriting/Poetry2+Food haikus celebrate Indigenous foods of the Americas. From corn to papaya, feast on the colorful illustrations and quick poems. Older kids may like the added details in the sidebars.Race, Culture, Language32Spanish, English
Daniel Finds a PoemMicha ArcherMicha ArcherWriting/Poetry3+Daniel discovers a poem after spending time with his animal friends in the park.Race32English
A Stick is an Excellent ThingMarilyn SingerLeUyen PhamWriting/Poetry4+Poems celebrating outdoor play.Race40English
The Word CollectorPeter H. ReynoldsPeter H. ReynoldsWriting/Poetry4+Jerome collects words and realizes how useful they are.Race40English
Dear Primo: A Letter to My CousinDuncan TonatiuhDuncan TonatiuhWriting/Poetry4+Two cousins write letters to each other describing their lives in their home countries of Mexico and the U.S., thus inviting readers to compare and contrast the different experiences.Race, Culture, Nationality32Spanish, English
Something, SomedayAmanda GormanChristian RobinsonWriting/Poetry3+Sometimes the world feels broken. And problems seem too big to fix. But somehow, we all have the power to make a difference. With a little faith, and maybe the help of a friend, together we can find beauty and create change.Race40English
A Squiggly StoryAndrew LarsenMike LoweryWriting/Poetry4+A boy writes his first story with the help of his older sister even though he doesn’t know how to write many words.Race32English
Corduroy Writes a LetterAlison InchesAllan EitzenWriting/Poetry4+Lisa and Corduroy learn the power of writing letters to give feedback about something.Race32English
PoetreeShauna LaVoy ReynoldsShahrzad MaydaniWriting/Poetry4+Sylvia loves sharing poetry with her favorite tree. Imagine her surprise when the poetree writes back!Race32English
Just Like MeVanessa Brantley-NewtonVanessa Brantley-NewtonWriting/Poetry4+With bright portraits in vibrant colors, this book invites girls to find themselves within the pages of empowering poems.Race40English
Missing DaddyMariame Kababria royalWriting/Poetry4+A girl who misses her father because he’s away in prison shares how his absence affects different parts of her life. In the end we see that she is older, reciting this poem for class.Race, Family Make-Up36English
These Olive TreesAya GhanamehAya GhanamehPlants4+The story of a Palestinian family’s ties to the land, and how one young girl finds a way to care for her home, even as she says goodbye.Race, Culture, Nationality, Refugees40English
Halal Hot DogsSusannah AzizParwinder SinghFood4+Musa has the perfect idea for his special Jummah treat, but things don't go according to plan. Will Musa be able to get a yummy Jummah treat for his family?Race, Culture, Religion40English
Loujain Dreams of SunflowersUma Mishra-Newbery and Lina Al-HathloulRebecca GreenPlants4+Loujain wants to see the field of sunflowers her baba told her about, but she's not allowed to fly because she's a girl. Race, Gender Roles40English
Kiyoshi's WalkMark KarlinsNicole WongWriting/Poetry4+Kiyoshi asks his grandfather, the wise poet Eto, where poems come from after reading his Haiku, and Eto takes him on a walk through the city to seek an answer.Race, Culture, Age32English
Brilliant BeaShaina Rudolph and Mary VukadinovichFiona LeeWriting/Poetry4+Despite her struggles with reading and writing, Beatrice is a natural and brilliant storyteller. Her teacher helps her use a tape recorder to assist.Race, Ability, Gender Expression32English
A LibraryNikki GiovanniErin K. RobinsonBooks/Library3+This ode to libraries is a celebration for everyone who loves stories.Race32English
Awesomely EmmaAmy WebbMerrilee LiddiardVisual Art, School, Self Pride4+Emma has limb differences and has to go to the back door on the school field trip to the art museum because there isn't a ramp in front. She writes the museum a letter in response.Ability, Race32English
Imagine Juan Felipe HerreraLauren CastilloWriting/Poetry4+With this illustrated poem of endless possibilities, follow the author from his rural childhood and challenges learning English in school, to becoming U.S. Poet Laureate.Race, Culture, Socioeconomic32English
Powwow DayMadelyn GoodnightMadelyn GoodnightDance, Celebrations4+In this uplifting, contemporary Native American story, River is recovering from illness and can't dance at the powwow this year. Will she ever dance again?Race, Culture, Ability32English
ABC and You and MeABC and You and MeABC and You and MeAlphabet, Dance2+In this original ABC book that encourages readers to sit up and move, kids and grownups use their bodies to make the shapes of each letter (and observant readers will notice details on each page that represent those letters).Race, Ability, Body Type, Religion48English
Soul Food SundayC. G. EsperanzaC. G. EsperanzaFood, Family4+Granny teaches her grandson to cook the family meal in this loving celebration of food, traditions, and gathering together at the table.Race, Culture, Age48English
The Coquíes Still Sing: A Story of Home, Hope, and RebuildingKarina Nicole GonzálezKarina Nicole GonzálezPlants, Land Animals, History4+Inspired by the rebuilding of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria in 2017, Elena worries about the plants and animals around her house during and after the hurricane.Race, Culture, Nationality, Socioeconomic40English