“Every child wears a banner that tells us what they need. The banners are written in behavior.”     H. Wallace Goddard


  • Because we are Co-ops,  tuition is affordable.  Parents are involved in some fundraising.
  • Monthly tuition is set by a vote of the membership and is based on the number of days your child will attend.
  • Tuition includes Parent Education.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • Contact us for specific fees for each class.

Tuition Ranges 2019-20

Class title or number of sessions per weekApproximate Tuition Range per month
Infant Movers$56
One Day/Just Walkers$74-$76
Two Day$109-$144
Three Day$151-$180
Four Day$185-$254

Differences in tuition are due to differences in programming. For instance, foreign language component, length of preschool day, parking expenses, fundraising base, etc.

Check with individual preschool sites for their own tuition schedule.

For information about tuition at a specific site, please email inquiries.ssccp@gmail.com or fill out our contact form: