What is the Parent Advisory Council (PAC)?

The Parent Advisory Council is a group of representatives from each individual preschool within the South Seattle College system.  Under the PAC umbrella are three unique, but cohesive, subcommittees:

  • Community Outreach
  • Equity
  • Mary E. Phillips Scholarship Fund & Wendi Hirshberg Memorial Fund

Working closely together, members of these three subcommittees meet quarterly to:

  • Advocate on behalf of preschools and kids
  • Raise and manage funds for scholarship assistance
  • Create, implement, and adapt equitable practices within our program
  • Make recommendations about preschool policies
  • Organize & lead dynamic and educational events for parents in the co-op program and in the surrounding community.


Founded in 2017,the PAC Equity subcommittee is committed to:

  • Supporting classrooms in creating a welcoming environment for all
  • Education and training for families to increase awareness and capability around social justice and anti-bias practice
  • Providing a space for professional growth, reflection, and exploration around race and equity
  • Identifying opportunities to improve both capacity and commitment to address issues of justice.

The Equity Subcommittee works toward these goals by:

  • Organizing anti-bias professional development trainings for teachers and instructors
  • Providing opportunities for parents and caregivers to further their own education and skills around social justice and anti bias practices, especially those which assist them in talking openly with their children
  • Periodically examining components of the SSCCP program for possible barriers to participation and working to remove said barriers
  • Purchasing diverse and anti-bias curriculum materials for classrooms 
  • Creating an ever-expanding diverse book list to assist parents in teaching their children about social justice, equity, and inclusion.

Black Lives Matter at School 2022 – Virtual Living Room (click the picture below to enter):

The Mary E. Philips Scholarship Fund: Helping Make Preschool Affordable for All.

Operating primarily on donations and fundraising, The Mary E. Phillips Scholarship Fund provides partial tuition assistance to many eligible families each quarter, assuring that our co-op preschools are affordable for all who want to join.

 Individual donations are appreciated and welcome.  Please use the PayPal donation button below or send a check payable to The Mary E. Phillips Scholarship Fund to SSCC Co-op Preschools 6523 California Ave. SW #266, Seattle, WA, 98136.  Co-op families are also encouraged to inquire about employer matching programs.

If you are interested in applying for scholarship assistance please download the form here, then complete the application and give it to your parent instructor quarterly.