Babies, Babies, Babies!  Come with your little one to  celebrate and learn during that special first year of life!

Our Parent-Infant Classes meet 2 hours once a week at the South Seattle College campus location  (RAH 201). Class day and  time depends on the age of your child.

  • Parent-Infant (0-6 months) Class, Wednesdays, 12:30 to 2:30
  • Parent-Movers (6-12 months) Class, Fridays,  9:15 to 11:15

Our “schedule” of the day is flexible but always contains:

For baby– class will grow and change as your baby grows and changes–from swaddler to sitter to waddler! 

  • A fun space for babies/toddlers to observe or play.
  • Toys to manipulate, art materials to smoosh, bubbles to watch or pop!
  • First friends to giggle with!
  • Singing, bouncing and dancing!

For caregivers –moms, dads, grandparents, aunties, nannies:

  • Time to chat with each other, share ideas, and get to know other parents.
  • Make friends with people in the same stage of life and  learning a similar parenting philosophy.
  • Time to ask your 2 teachers questions– individually and with the group.
  • Parent educators who lead discussions about the latest information around child development, child discipline & guidance, sleep, first foods, brain development, encouraging language, life balance, sign language, and many, many more topics.

Click the questions below for answers to our frequently asked questions.


Isn’t this part of co-op preschools?

  • We are part of the SSC Co-op Preschool system but we are not very co-op-y!
  • There are a few “jobs” we need your help with but mostly you come and are nurtured.
  • There are no evening meetings.

Am I committing for the whole year?

We know that baby brings lots of changes.   Although most people continue, sometimes people need to drop in the middle of the year.

We go month to month from September through May.   We hold your spot, and you pay tuition, every month until you tell us differently.  (In other words, people attend regularly and do not drop in)  We usually have a waiting list!

How do I enroll?

Contact Annie Garrett at for information about fees and space availability.