Multi-age Class

The Multi-Age class at the SSC Childcare Center operates differently than our other classes. The Multi-Age class welcomes children ages 0-5 and meets one day a week. In the Multi-Age class parents stay and participate as a classroom assistant or participate in a parenting support group every week. Every year the Multi-Age class is different and unique. This class fills a special niche, where parents and children can experience our co-op teaching together and build their own community.

Through play in small and large groups, children encounter real social situations and learn to regulate their emotions and solve problems. In imaginative play children put themselves in a variety of settings where they can experiment with new behaviors, learn to collaborate with each other, and negotiate conflict.

The Preschool Teacher leads your children through a wonderful, child centered play curriculum that includes:

  • Small class size for plenty of individualized attention
  • Sensory play
  • Cooperative dramatic play
  • Gross motor development
  • Hands-on art projects
  • Social/emotion skill building

Every other week caregivers participate in a small parent support group during class time. Your parent educator will be available to listen to your concerns, ask questions and share information about positive parenting techniques. Parents can also share their own experiences in the group and hear from other parents.