Threes Classes

“Who said 3 year olds were easier than 2’s? At Co-op I got new ideas….and I saw that my child wasn’t ‘the only one’.”

Threes classes are for children who turn 3 but are not yet 4 as of August 31st

Threes classes meet either three mornings each week

or two mornings each week for a longer session, 

one morning with their adult, the other mornings on their own

Children’s Program

3-year-olds are full of wonder and are ready to learn by DOING. Through guided play at preschool they are: 


  • Developing social skills
  • Using language to solve problems 
  • Practicing self regulation
  • Making neural (brain) connections that are the foundation for reading and math.


Our class provides a stimulating variety of choices to explore for active, whole body learning. Challenges of learning to wait and negotiate with friends are met with understanding and proactive teaching.

Daily routine includes:

  • Choice time: play, explore, pretend, create, climb while practicing friendship skills
  • Put away time: learning to be responsible and care for our shared space and materials  
  • Circle time story: extending our attention span and ability to regulate our bodies and emotions 
  • Snack time: sitting together to share a healthy snack furnished and prepared by parents according to Health Department standards 
  • Music and movement: singing and using big muscles and sharing space together

Education and Support for Parents and Parenting Partners

One adult per family is automatically enrolled as a South Seattle College student.

Sometimes called Threenagers, flipping between being so capable and so uncooperative is natural for 3’s and can challenge your parenting.  

You will find information and support from Parenting Educators who are in class each week and available during preschool, individually and in group sessions.

Three’s are getting ready for real play dates. You will be ready to meet up with Co-op friends that you trust and enjoy as much as your child does.

You will be building your long term village by connecting with other parents, grandparents and caregivers.

Adult Involvement

As a member of this Co-op, your commitment is: 

  • Attend class one day each week, working alongside the Children’s Teacher to help to guide the children. You choose which day you come with your child and is your “work day.” 
  • If you cannot come in due to illness, etc. you ask another parent to trade with you. 
  • Provide a healthy snack on a rotating basis
  • Attend a monthly evening Class Meeting to learn about guidance and discipline to use at home and at school…and have an adult night out together!  (dates are chosen by the class at the beginning of the school year–example: first Tuesday of each month 7-9:00)
  • Choose and hold a preschool job that fits your interests, skill, and time (i.e. Board Treasurer, Class Secretary, Play-Dough Maker, Librarian)
  • Choose one quarterly parent education seminar from a variety of topics such as: Sleep, Sibling Relationships, Guidance & Discipline, Raising an Only Child, Potty Training, Picky Eating, Anti-bias Parenting, and many more!

Because this is a family program, other adults—grandparents, nannies, aunties, etc.– are welcome to attend and help fulfill these commitments

We teach you ways to interact with the kids using our “positive discipline” philosophy—tips that help at home, too. 

Some 3’s have a hard time separating–we follow your lead and help you both make this transition


Registration Fee – $85

Tuition Range for Threes classes: $159-$195/month (dependent on location)

Tuition assistance is available through our Mary E. Phillips Scholarship Fund, administered through our Parent Advisory Council.  Applications are due quarterly to your parenting educator; more information information available here.

Interested in Registration?

First, visit our Preschool Class List to see which location you prefer, based on days, times and proximity

Next, you can register easily online by visiting our Enrollment page – all the information and forms are available there!

More questions or concerns?  We are happy to talk with you personally: 

Phone – 206-773-8066 

Email – [email protected]