These parenting seminars are included in tuition for adult members of SSC Cooperative Preschools.  Attending one seminar fulfills the requirement for one quarter – but you may attend as many as you like. Partners, nannies, grandparents welcome! Not a current Co-op member?  Contact the instructor to see if there is space.

Adults only please unless noted in the class description.

Co-op Butterfly Families (Virtual Discussion Group) — Schill

Mar 21 (Tuesday), Apr 24 (Monday), May 18 (Thursday); 7:30-9:30 PM

Co-op’s monthly discussion group for families with children with higher needs and sensitivities, frustrating behaviors and/or more vulnerable/reactive nervous systems. The purpose of the group is to learn from one another, offering support, experiences, and resources, as well as building community and connection. Group members have found that spending time in a non-judgmental space with other adults who “get it” truly decreases the sense of loneliness and isolation so many are feeling. Wherever you are on your journey–ranging from a subtle observation you or your teacher has made, on up through formal diagnoses and services–all are welcome.  If you would like to participate and/or need further information, please contact Teacher Jen here.

Screening: The Disruptors (Virtual) — Brock

Mar 22 (Wednesday); 7:00-9:00 PM

ADHD is one of the most commonly diagnosed-and widely misunderstood-neurological conditions in the world today, affecting nearly 10% of kids and a rising number of adults. But what if having an ADHD brain is actually an asset? The Disruptors hears from many game-changing people–innovators, CEOs, Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, and artists–about how their ADHD played a vital role in their success.  The film takes an immersive look at our approach to ADHD that debunks the most harmful myths, and intimately takes viewers inside a number of families as they navigate the challenges – and the surprising triumphs – of living with ADHD.

Register with Teacher Julie here

Undoing Racism and Teaching Equity to our Children (Genesee Hill Elementary School) — Schill

Mar 27 (Monday); 6:30-8:30 PM

Presented by Families of Color Seattle (FOCS), facilitators will lead the workshop providing more tools for parents to talk with children and each other about race, bias, racism, and anti-racism. They will explore systemic racism and parents’ own understanding of their racial identity, power, privilege, and oppression. The workshop will include presentation, dialogue, and breakout groups. Presented in partnership with the Genesee Hill Elementary PTA.

To register, click on the link here

Living Between the Races (Virtual) — Ushimaru

Mar 28 (Tuesday); 7:00-9:00 PM

What are you? Have you ever been asked this question? Or perhaps someone has asked you the unkind question – what is your child? What kind of answer did you give? This seminar and evening of discussion is just for you to talk about your experience as a mixed-race person or a parent raising mixed-race children. Have you ever had the experience of only being able to check one box? Have you been forced at times to relate to only one race? Let’s talk, share, and educate ourselves on how to teach our children to live in an ethnically diverse area. We will learn about local resources and educate ourselves on how to respond to uncomfortable statements.

Register with Teacher Kylene here

Facilitating Success using a Neurodiversity-Affirming Lens (Virtual) — Franklin

Apr 17 (Monday); 7:00-9:00 PM

Join Seattle Therapy Network’s Ally Mohr (Occupational Therapy) and Claire Fischer (Speech and Language Pathology) for this virtual seminar. This presentation will provide an overview of the history of the term “neurodiversity”, explore all of the facets of what it means, why it’s important, and ways to support neurodivergent children. We’ll share resources to further explore the concept and learn about possible next steps for support if caregivers suspect neurodivergence in their child.

Register with Teacher Dawn here

Positive Discipline for Parents (Highland Park Elementary – in the cafeteria) — Giomi/Schill

Apr 18 (Tuesday); 7:00-9:00 PM

Would you like to find more joy in your job as a parent? Is your family life challenged by child defiance, chore hassles, homework issues, whining, and more?

Join us for an evening with Parent Educators Jen Giomi and Jen Schill, exploring ways to build values of cooperation, teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline and more in your children. Discover kind and firm tools for teaching children that can be used in all stages of your parenting journey. 

Event is free and open to the public – RSVP with Teacher Jen here

Children Learn What They Live (Virtual) — Ushimaru

Apr 18 (Tuesday); 7:00-9:00 PM

As a parent, you have values that you are passing on to your child in the decisions you make every day. So, what are these values? Are they honesty, kindness, generosity, self-worth, respect, patience, tolerance? In this class we will talk about the ways you can identify and clarify your values as well as discuss how to inspire values through your parenting.

Register with Teacher Kylene here

Goodbye Diapers! (Virtual) — Huntley/Lim

Apr 20 (Thursday); 7:00-9:00 PM

When to begin? How to start and proceed? Has it been hard? This seminar will help your child gain success whether you are thinking about starting or are already in the middle of it. We will have time for your questions.  

Register with Teacher Helen here

The Highly Sensitive Child (Virtual) — Schill/O’Hern

Apr 22 (Saturday); 1:00-3:00 PM

Do you have a little person in your life who: is sensitive to funny tastes, loud noises, changes to routine? Upset by scary shows, movies, or books? Fearful in new situations? Prone to hurt feelings, upset by criticism, and thwarted by wanting to do things perfectly? If so, you might have a highly sensitive child! Come spend the afternoon with us as we learn how highly sensitive children operate, where the challenges lie, and how to ensure that their many gifts are able to shine brightly.

Register with Teacher Jen here

Infant, Child, & Adult First Aid/CPR/AED training  (SSC Co-op Childcare Building) — Inghram

Apr 25 (Tuesday); 5:30-8:30 PM

Do you know what to do if a child is choking? Are you skilled in CPR if an adult collapses in class? Do you know which essentials to have in your first aid kit so you are ready for any emergency? Be prepared. This class will be taught by a representative from the very popular and engaging Merit Emergency. Learn or refresh these important skills.

Class fee: $65.  Please bring cash or a check made out to Merit Emergency.   

Register with Teacher Jena here.

Food Fight! (Dream Dinners West Seattle) — Franklin/Hoglan

Apr 29 (Saturday); 11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Does your child hesitate to try new foods or refuse foods they used to enjoy? Does dinner time feel like a battle of wills? Are you concerned that your child’s picky eating habits are limiting their nourishment? Nearly all parents experience a finicky eater at some point, but knowing how to respond can be difficult – and exhausting. Join us in the beautiful Dream Dinner kitchen, where we will examine young children’s nutritional needs, talk about how to engage children in food prep and selection, and come away with subtle, healthy improvements to the eating environment that will benefit the whole family. Snacks will be provided by Dream Dinners with an option to purchase meal prep kits at an additional cost. Dream Dinners will donate a portion of sales to SSC Co-op Preschools. Stay tuned for details on how to order!

Register with Teacher Dawn here