Alki Co-op Preschool is offering a multi-age class where (almost!) the whole family can come!

Parents come to preschool one session a week with children from birth through age 5, where:

  • Children can play and learn together enjoy music and listen to stories,
  • Everyone eats lunch together family style after free play (bring your own lunches – no nuts, please!),
  • Siblings can spend time with children besides their siblings in our fantastic preschool setting with messy art and serious pretending,
  • There’s no need for childcare for the little one…or the big one,
  • You can have discussion time with a parent educator to talk about all the joys and questions about parenting,
  • Or discussion time with other parents who can share strategies for parenting more than one child,
  • Opportunity to attend any of the Co-op parenting seminars,
  • And grandparents and nannies welcome, too!

We meet Fridays from 11:30 to 1:30. For more information or to visit contact us at or  206.773.8066

Note: Siblings older than 5 won’t be left out but will be welcome at our “Special Persons” Open House.