Screening: The Disruptors (Virtual)

ADHD is one of the most commonly diagnosed-and widely misunderstood-neurological conditions in the world today, affecting nearly 10% of kids and a rising number of adults. But what if having an ADHD brain is actually an asset? The Disruptors hears

Living Between the Races (virtual)

What are you? Have you ever been asked this question? Or perhaps someone has asked you the unkind question - what is your child? What kind of answer did you give? This seminar and evening of discussion is just for

Facilitating Success using a Neurodiversity-Affirming Lens (Virtual)

Join Seattle Therapy Network's Ally Mohr (Occupational Therapy) and Claire Fischer (Speech and Language Pathology) for this virtual seminar. This presentation will provide an overview of the history of the term “neurodiversity”, explore all of the facets of what it means, why it’s

Children Learn What They Live (Virtual)

As a parent, you have values that you are passing on to your child in the decisions you make every day. So, what are these values? Are they honesty, kindness, generosity, self-worth, respect, patience, tolerance? In this class we will

Goodbye Diapers! (Virtual)

Apr 20 (Thursday); 7:00-9:00 PM When to begin? How to start and proceed? Has it been hard? This seminar will help your child gain success whether you are thinking about starting or are already in the middle of it. We

The Highly Sensitive Child (Virtual)

Do you have a little person in your life who: is sensitive to funny tastes, loud noises, changes to routine? Upset by scary shows, movies, or books? Fearful in new situations? Prone to hurt feelings, upset by criticism, and thwarted

Co-op Butterfly Families (ongoing virtual discussion group)

Co-op's monthly discussion group for families with children with higher needs and sensitivities, frustrating behaviors and/or more vulnerable/reactive nervous systems. The purpose of the group is to learn from one another, offering support, experiences, and resources, as well as building