COVID 19 Planning

Operations Statement – August 19, 2021

The SSC Parent Instructor Faculty met earlier this week to review all current recommendations and operating procedures (DOH, OPEP, SSC, SPS) with respect toward COVID-safe operations for fall quarter of the 2021-22 school year.  While the situation continues to change, the consensus of all Cooperative Preschool Programs statewide is to work with current information for fall 2021 planning.  Here are the current recommendations/requirements for SSC Cooperative Preschool operations.


Indoor, In-person Class – At this time SSC Cooperative Preschool classes plan to start the year with indoor, in-person class generally operated in the usual format.  (Depending on class enrollment, outdoor class spaces/walks and some small group activities may be utilized to manage group size and aid social distancing.)  Sites are adding additional portable air filtration units to classrooms as needed to increase ventilation. 


Vaccinations – Seattle Colleges are mandating students (adults working in the classroom) show proof of vaccination status to attend class.  Adults working in the classroom will need to be registered students with the college and will need to present either proof of COVID-19 vaccination or an immunization exemption form.  (Families can enroll additional family members or people who might work in the classroom if caregivers are planning to share work day commitments with partners, nannies, etc.)


Masks – All adults working in classrooms will need to wear masks regardless of vaccination status indoors and outdoors.  It is strongly recommended that all children 2 years and older wear masks indoors and outdoors (Adults and children with medical conditions which contraindicate mask wearing will be exempt from this requirement).    


COVID Response – In the event of COVID exposure in a class, SSC Cooperative Preschool sites will follow instructions regarding closure/quarantine and class(es) will move directly to virtual class format until closure time has elapsed minimizing lost educational time.


Back to School Safety Plan – Sites will again need to fill out site specific Back to School Safety Plans.


Preschool teachers and instructors are working over the next three weeks on the details of operating class in the healthiest possible way as the pandemic persists.  Using the OPEP Risk Management Guidelines, daily schedules, classroom layouts, activity content and curriculum are all being adapted for safe operations and information will be shared at our class orientation meetings.


Thanks for your patience as the pandemic situation has evolved.  We’ve worked within allowable limits and safety protocol to create the most robust educational experience under the current conditions.