COVID 19 Planning

Operations Statement – June 2021

South Seattle College Cooperative Preschool is currently planning to resume in-person, indoor classes in the fall. Decisions regarding safety requirements – masking, vaccination, ventilation, group size, etc. will be made closer to the start of school and will be based on mandates/guidelines issued by the State, CDC, SKCPH, SSC, SPS, OPEP and local landlords. For families that are still hesitant to join in-person, indoor classes for health reasons, we are offering a Multi-Age Outdoor Class option open to all families as a stand-alone class or supplement to in-person, indoor class time. 


We’d also like to take this space to give a big Thank You! to the families that participated in Co-op during the 2020-21 school year!  It goes without saying that it was a year like no other.  We are deeply grateful to all families who trusted us and travelled through the unknown with us to create an amazing year in spite of so many challenges.


Check back to our website starting the end of July for more details.