“It is not the parent who seems to do it all perfectly who is to be admired. It is the one who recognizes his or her own failings and is willing to keep growing.” Dr. H. Wallace Goddard

These parenting seminars are included in tuition for adult members of SSC Cooperative Preschools.  Attending one seminar fulfills the requirement for one quarter – but you may attend as many as you like.  Partners, nannies, grandparents welcome!   Not a current Co-op member?  Contact the instructor to see if there is space.

Adults only please unless noted in the class description.

RSVP is required – please visit our calendar page to do so, or contact your parent educator.

Be Prepared!  Emergency Planning for the Pacific NW                                                               

Jan 17, Wed 7 – 9 PM                                       Schill

Join Pam Linxweiler, owner of The Prepared Community, for an evening of emergency preparedness planning. Pam brings her years of experience as an emergency preparedness and disaster recovery planner in the corporate arena to families, small businesses, and communities. She will cover earthquakes & other possible local disasters, emergency supplies, plans and documents your family needs to have in place, as well as the basics of FEMA, Earthquake Insurance and more.  She will make the process easier to understand so you can leave this introductory class with a solid foundation and understanding of how to build your family’s emergency preparedness toolkit.

Rainier Hall 201

South Seattle College, 6000 16th Ave SW 98106

Preparing Co-op Students For Kindergarten

A SPECIAL EVENT FOR OUR THREES FAMILIES                                                      Ushimaru/Giomi

Jan 23, Tue 7 – 9 PM

Doubting that Co-op kids learn academic content when it looks like they are just having fun?  Heard that Kindergarten is the new First Grade?  Replace worry with information in this evening devoted to understanding the science of how children learn and exploring subtle yet powerful changes from a 3’s class to a Co-op Pre-K class.  Kylene Ushimaru will share her extensive research based and practical experience as a Pre-K teacher who has graduated many successful learners.  A panel of parents whose children are Co-op Graduates will be ready to answer your questions and share how their preschool choices did or didn’t prepare their children for Kindergarten. The panel will include a parent who teaches in elementary school and shares “real world” issues children face.   Coffee/tea and snacks will set a comfortable atmosphere to explore ideas together.

                             Register at wscoop.events@gmail.com Admiral Cooperative Preschool,

Tibbetts United Methodist Church 3940 41st Ave SW

Leadership Returns—for Co-op Leaders     Schill/Huntley

Jan 30, Tue 7 – 9 PM

It’s almost the middle of the school year!  Either notes from the Leadership Conference finally make sense, or issues have come up that could use a sounding board with fellow officers or Parenting Instructors.  Some second-half-of the year processes are also approaching—feedback surveys, registration/visiting for next year, teacher contract discussions.  Meetings not as smooth as you hoped?  Policies need updating?  Group not cohesive?  Even if things are going smoothly for YOU, you can share tips with fellow leaders. 

This informal evening will be supportive and informative.  Open to Presidents, Class Chairs, Parent Coordinators, Site and Class Treasurers, Community Builders, or other leaders.

Lincoln Park Cooperative Preschool – Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, Room 4, 9131 California Ave SW  98136

Just Tell Me What to Say                                             Giomi

Jan 31, Wed 7:00 – 9:00 PM

You’ve heard about factual commentating, active listening, positive statements and more, but when talking to your child the words and strategies still don’t roll off your tongue.  Spend a fun, lively evening role- playing your real life situations and practicing “what to say”.    

Alki Cooperative Preschool – Alki United Church of Christ, 6115 SW Hinds St  98116

Ask a Parent Instructor – A Virtual Parent Education Opportunity:                                                                  Schill                                                  

Feb 8, Thu All Day

Wanted to attend a seminar but couldn’t get away that night?  Made it almost to the door but little one had a meltdown? Never fear, we’re here to help!  On Thursday, February 8th, visit the SSC Preschool Facebook page with your burning questions and areas of concern or interest.  Ask your question and at the end of the day, Parent Instructor Jen Schill will respond with ideas, options, advice, and all-around support.                                                        

Visit our Facebook page all day!

Goodbye Diapers!                                                   Huntley                                            

Feb 21, Wed 7 – 9 PM

When to Begin?  How to start and proceed?  This class will offer information to help your child gain success.  We will have time to discuss parent attitudes and frustrations.

Admiral Cooperative Preschool

Tibbetts United Methodist Church 3940 41st Ave SW


Making Sense of Sensory Processing                 Hirshberg

Feb 26, Mon 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Carey Goldenberg M.S. OTR/L Clinic Director, Occupational Therapist from Seattle Therapy Network will give a fun interactive talk about sensory processing.  We all explore through our seven senses to make sense of the world around us. Come learn about these seven senses: touch, hearing, vision, taste, smell, proprioception, and vestibular. We will explore how to encourage the development of these systems and how to support children who may be experiencing sensory processing difficulties. We will discuss tips to make life flow more smoothly, activity ideas for incorporating sensory ideas into everyday life, and where to get professional help if sensory processing difficulties are making life a challenge.                          

Rainier Hall 201

South Seattle College, 6000 16th Ave SW 98106