Parent Education Calendar

“It is not the parent who seems to do it all perfectly who is to be admired. It is the one who recognizes his or her own failings and is willing to keep growing.” Dr. H. Wallace Goddard

These parenting seminars are included in tuition for adult members of SSC Cooperative Preschools.  Attending one seminar fulfills the requirement for one quarter – but you may attend as many as you like.  Partners, nannies, grandparents welcome!   Not a current Co-op member?  Contact the instructor to see if there is space.

Adults only please unless noted in the class description.

Register for classes through your parent educator



CPR and First Aid for Adult and Child                           Hirshberg


Sep 18, 6:30-9 PM

Do you know what to do if a child is choking?  Are you skilled in CPR if an adult collapses in class?  Be prepared.  Both trainings will be offered in one evening.  The class will be taught by the very popular and engaging Bill Merritt.  Begin your new year with these important skills.  Class fee: $50.00. Bring cash or check made payable to Bill Merritt on the night of class

South Seattle College 6000 16th Ave SW 98116 – RAH 201

Leadership Conference 2017


Sep 26, Tue 7-9 PM

Welcome to the 2017/2018 school year! At this kick-off and training session co-op leaders will be inspired and prepared to do their important jobs and work together so this year runs smoothly.  Please attend if you are: President, Class Chair, Parent Coordinator, Secretary, Site Treasurer, Class/Co-Treasurer, PAC Rep, Marketing Rep, and Community Builder. Bring officer notebook, if you have one.                                                         

Tibbetts United Methodist Church 3940 41st Ave SW 98116

Movie Screening: Screenagers                          Schill/Giomi

Oct 7, Sat 3:30-5:30pm – South Seattle College 6000 16th Ave SW 98116, Olympic Hall


Oct 5, Thurs 7:00 PM – Genessee Hill Elementary

5013 SW Dakota St, Seattle, WA 98116

Are you watching kids scroll through life, with their rapid-fire thumbs and a six-second attention span?  Do you worry how the siren-song of screen media is affecting their development?  Are you anxious to bring some peace to your family life around this issue?  Come join us as we watch Screenagers, a new documentary, focusing on the increasing amount of time young people spend looking at screens, how that affects their development, and how it impacts the lives of families as they struggle to limit these effects.  The film probes into the vulnerable corners of family life to explore struggles over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through poignant and unexpectedly funny stories, along with surprising insights from authors, psychologists, and brain scientists, SCREENAGERS reveals how tech time impacts kids’ development and also offers solutions on how adults can empower their kids to best navigate the digital world to find balance.

Co-op 101                                                               Hirshberg/Giomi

Oct 18, Wed and Nov 16, Thu 7-9 PM

What does it mean to be part of an SSC Co-op?  Why is Co-op play-based? What can I do to support my child and others in the classroom?  This class is for you if you are new to Co-op, a Co-op veteran who hasn’t taken the class, a parenting partner or caregiver who wants to understand “Co-op language”.  Two sessions are offered.  Choose one.

South Seattle College 6000 16th Ave SW 98116 – RAH 201

Ask a Parent Instructor – A virtual Parent Education Opportunity:                                             Schill

Oct 19, Thu All Day                                                                         

Wanted to attend a seminar but couldn’t get away that night?  Made it almost to the door but little one had a meltdown?  Never fear, we’re here to help!  On Thursday, October 19 visit the SSC Preschool Facebook page with your burning questions and areas of concern or interest.  Ask your question and at the end of the day, Parent Instructor Jen Schill will respond with ideas, options, advice, and all-around support.                              Go to Facebook                           

Guidance & Discipline Techniques for Toddlers (1 & 2 years old)

Oct 24, Tue 7-9 PM                                                   Ushimaru


Guidance & Discipline Techniques for 3 to 5 year olds  

Nov 28, Tue 7-9 PM                                          Ushimaru

Information on child growth and development, and age appropriate behavioral expectations will be presented.  Direct and indirect guidance techniques will be discussed along with setting and enforcing limits.  Please attend the seminar that is age appropriate for your child.                

Admiral Cooperative Preschool

Tibbetts United Methodist Church 3940 41st Ave SW 98116

Monster Dash!

Oct 28, Sat 9:30

Are you looking for a fun Halloween event that celebrates community and good health?  Look no further than our 6th Annual Monster Dash!  Dress in your crazy costumes and run with us.

We’ll have a 5k race as well as a Little Monster’s Dash.

Facebook us, visit our website or register for the race at

Lincoln Park – 8011 Fauntleroy Way, Seattle, WA 98136

*************************   SPECIAL EVENT  ************************

“Anti-Bias Education in Challenging Times: Responding to Children’s Questions about Differences”                  Giomi/Schill
Nov 29, Wed 7-9pm                        
Speaker Debbie LeeKeenan is co-author of ‘Leading Anti-bias Early Childhood Programs: A Guide for Change.’ To learn more about Debbie go to –
This workshop will provide families with a framework and practical tips on how to respond to children’s comments and questions about differences and how to have courageous conversations about potentially challenging topics. 

Alki UCC – 6115 SW Hinds St, Seattle, WA 98116

Holiday Gift Making                                         Hirshberg/Ushimaru

Dec 2, Sat 10-12 AM AND/OR 1-3 PM

Help children learn the meaning of gift-giving. This class is designed to allow adult and child to spend quality one-on-one time together creating gifts for family and friends that they will take with them at the end of class, along with an instruction booklet of all projects.  For registered coop children 3 1/2 to 5 years and an adult family member (one adult for each child please).  Class size is limited.  A supply fee of $18.00 will be collected.  

South Seattle College 6000 16th Ave SW 98116 – RAH 201





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