What’s the Big Secret?

When and how do you talk to your children about sexuality? Where do you start? How do you answer questions in a developmentally appropriate way? Children are learning about sexuality from the moment they are born and you are your child’s primary sex educator. This seminar will equip you with some communication skills and resources to make the process of identifying and sharing your values and information more comfortable for you and your child.

Date/Time: Jan 31st, Tue 7-9 PM

Location: Arbor Heights Cooperative Preschool – Tibbetts United Methodist Church, 3940 41st Ave SW

Register: westseattlecoops@gmail.com

Ask a Parent Instructor – A virtual Parent Education Opportunity

Wanted to attend a seminar but couldn’t get away that night? Make it almost to the door but littleton had a meltdown? Never fear, we’re here to help! On Thursday, February 9th, visit that SSC Preschool Facebook page with you burning questions and areas of concern or interest. Ask your question and at the end of the day, Parent Instructor Jen Schill will respond with ideas, options, advice and all-around support.

Date/Time: Feb 9th – All Day

Location: Facebook

Make a Book Share a Story

Spend a morning with your child creating a variety of books to spark enthusiasm of literature and writing. The children will also have an opportunity to write and illustrate a story to share. For children ages 3 1/2-5 and an adult (one adult per child please). Class size is limited. To hold your place in the class please send a $5.00 supply fee check made out to Jane Wainwright and mail to Tibbetts Church (address below), Attn: Teacher Jane.

Date/Time: Feb 11th, Sat 9:30-11:30AM

Location: Admiral Cooperative Preschool-Tibbetts United Methodist Church, 3940 41st Ave SW

Register: westseattlecoops@gmail.com

For Tired Parents

A child’s sleep problems can undermine the most confident of parents, and make the sweetest child grumpy! We will discuss different types of problems such as bedtime procrastinating, nap strikes, middle-of-the-night waking, visit the parents bed, etc., and options for solving them. This will be a personalized, informal discussion. Becky Huntley is the author the The Sleep Book For Tired Parents.

Date/Time: Feb 15th, Wed 7-9 PM

Location: Lincoln Park Cooperative Preschool – Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, Room 4, 9131 California Ave SW

Register: westseattlecoops@gmail.com

Just Tell Me What to Say

You’ve heard about factual commentating, active listening, positive statements and more, but when talking to your child the words and strategies still don’t roll off your tongue. Spend a fun, lively, evening role-playing your real life situations and practicing “what to say”.

Date/Time: Feb 16th, Thu 7-9 PM

Location: Alki Cooperative Preschool – Alki United Church of Christ, 6115 SW Hinds St

Register: westseattlecoops@gmail.com

Making Sense of Sensory Processing

Cary Goldenberg M.S. OTR/L Clinic Director, Occupational Therapist from Seattle Therapy Network will give a fun interactive talk about sensory processing. We all explore through our seven senses to meke sense of the world around us. Come learn about these seven senses: touch, hearing, vision, taste, smell, proprioception, and vestibular. We will explore how to encourage the develops of these systems and how to support children who may be experiencing sensory processing difficulties. We will discuss tips to make life flow more smoothly, activity ideas for incorporating sensory ideas into everyday life, and where to get professional help if sensory processing difficulties are make life a challenge.

Date/Time: Feb 27, Mon 7-9 PM

Location: Admiral Cooperative Prescool – Tibbets United Methodist Church, 3940 41st Ave SW

Register: westseattlecoops@gmail.com

Parent Education Classes for Winter Quarter 2017
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