There are some great parent classes scheduled for October!  Register through your Parent Instructor or, if you are not a Coop member, through Judy at

Stepping Into Nature                                                                Danforth

Oct 1, Sat 10 AM – 12 PM

Is it possible to have smarter, calmer children just by experiencing nature?

Join us as we explore the importance nature plays in each of our lives and find ways to create balance for our children in a busy, technological world.

Come dressed for the outdoors, we will start our experience outside.                 

Lincoln Park Cooperative Preschool

Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, Room 4, 9131 California Ave SW  98136


Ask a Parent Instructor – A virtual Parent Education Opportunity: 

Oct 7, Thu All Day                                                                         Schill

Wanted to attend a seminar but couldn’t get away that night?  Made it almost to the door but little one had a meltdown?  Never fear, we’re here to help!  On Thursday, October 7 visit the SSC Preschool Facebook page with your burning questions and areas of concern or interest.  Ask your question and at the end of the day, Parent Instructor Jen Schill will respond with ideas, options, advice, and all-around support.                                                                                   Facebook


Parents as Teachers                                                    Hirshberg/Giomi

Oct 18, Tue and Nov 17, Thu 7 – 9 PM

How do we keep that water in the sensory table?  What’s the value in all this play?  What do I say when I don’t know who had it first?  This class is a MUST if: you are new to co-op preschool, you are a veteran who has never taken this class, what you learned about toddlers isn’t “working” with  preschoolers , your partner wants to understand the “co-op language”, you just need a “booster”.

We’ll have fun together going through the preschool day, learning why we do what we do (philosophy behind developmentally appropriate preschool education), and why kids do what they do (pertinent information about child development).  Get information about guidance and discipline for typical situations that come up both at preschool and at home.  This is one of two classes being offered.  Choose one.

South Seattle College 6000 16th Ave SW 98116 – RAH 201


Guidance & Discipline Techniques for Toddlers (1 & 2 years old)  Oct 19, Wed 7 – 9 PM


Guidance & Discipline Techniques for 3 to 5 year olds  Nov 16, Wed 7 – 9 PM                                                           Ushimaru

Information on child growth and development, and age appropriate behavioral expectations will be presented.  Direct and indirect guidance techniques will be discussed along with setting and enforcing limits.  Please attend the seminar that is age appropriate for your child.

Admiral Cooperative Preschool

Tibbetts United Methodist Church 3940 41st Ave SW  98116


The Internal Life of an Introvert                                                  Schill

Oct 20, Thu 7 – 9 PM                                                                             

Do you have a child who hangs back in unfamiliar situations?  Who seems to become suddenly quiet in a group instead of their usual talkative self?  We’ll explore the wonderful, private world of the introvert, see how they are hard-wired to process the world, and learn ways to make sure your “innie” gets the tools and support they need to thrive in our extroverted world.

Admiral Cooperative Preschool

Tibbetts United Methodist Church 3940 41st Ave SW  98116


CPR and First Aid for Adult and Child                                 Hirshberg

Oct 26, Wed 6 – 9 PM

Do you know what to do if a child is choking?  Are you skilled in CPR if an adult collapses in class?  Be prepared.  Both trainings will be offered in one evening.  The class will be taught by the very popular and engaging Bill Merritt.  Begin your new year with these important skills.  Class fee:  $50.  Bing cash or check made payable to Bill Merritt on the night of class.

Tibbetts United Methodist Church 3940 41st Ave SW  98116


Monster Dash!

Oct 29, Sat 9:00

Are you looking for a fun Halloween event that celebrates community and good health?  Look no further than our 4th Annual Monster Dash!

We’ll have a 5k race as well as a Little Monster’s Dash. Facebook us or visit our website at

Register for the race at

Lincoln Park           8011 Fauntleroy Way, Seattle, WA 98136

October Learning for Parents
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